Leadership And Management

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Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

Both management and leadership are among the number of the most essential tools used by all companies for reaching set objectives. Leaders as well as managers make every effort to carry out their responsibilities well so that the organization they work for can move in the defined direction. The sample essay on leadership and management in nursing published below presents the analysis of two management and leadership concepts and the way they are applied in nursing.Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper


According to Marquis and Huston, management deals with organizing, projecting, administering and guiding. It should be admitted that the areas of leadership and management are closely connected with each other and, therefore, cannot be studied separately. For example, the shortage of nursing staff may cause a lack of leadership. Without an effective management policy, new nurses will feel the lack of guidance which will result in the so-called leadership deficiency.Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

The scarcity of nurses has a direct influence on the way the patients are taken care of. Kerfoot states that the duties of leaders are often compared to those performed by instructors, tutors, etc. If to use both management and leadership practices together, it will be much easier to achieve success in building a career in different areas, including nursing. Leaders always stress the importance of developing interpersonal skills since they are essential for creating a friendly and, at the same time, competitive working environment.Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

Management Concepts
The theories developed in the management area underline the significance of clear guidance and proper organization of good teamwork. The specific concepts offered by Douglas McGregor, i.e. concept X and concept Y, are divergent management concepts focused on studying such notion as “motivation” at work. According to the concept X, people are lazy by their nature. Thus, they have to be guided throughout the working process with the help of management. However, the concept Y claims that people consider their professional duties naturally. That is why the role of management is to concentrate on developing the abilities of employees. Those supporting the concept Y state that it is necessary to create favorable working conditions. In this way, employees will strive mightily to achieve great results at work. To sum up, the main point of the concept X is that it is necessary to control people, while the concept Y emphasizes that it is required to encourage employees to carry out their responsibilities appropriately. To my mind, the concept Y combined with good leadership methods is more efficient than the concept X, especially in the nursing field. It is also necessary to say that nursing leadership and management are based on the principle that nurses use their managerial skills to create the workplace environment suitable for providing patients with professional care. The management direction described by the concept X is right for nurses.Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

Leadership Concepts
There are a large number of leadership concepts relating to nursing. However, we will describe only a few of them. According to Laurent, 2000 a specific technique that makes people adopting it change in a good way is called a transformational leadership. The leaders using such a method are usually energetic and determined. They are always willing to help team members succeed in doing different projects.

Transformational leadership combines the standards which both leaders and followers find decent. The main idea of this type of leadership is to join together managers and workers so that they can both work for achieving great results and encourage everyone to take on leadership (Sullivan & Decker, 2001). Transformational leaders stimulate their followers to develop their creative abilities and undertake new projects.Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

Transformational leaders understand that it is very important to establish harmonious relationship between the team members. Thus, they stimulate employees to discuss different ideas and share their experience of dealing with some issues. Moreover, they do not have any misgivings about the input of every team member. Transformational leaders inspire their followers with their enthusiasm. They teach them to trust their leaders (Perra, 2000).Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

A sociologist Max Weber was the first to describe transaction leadership according to which people’s productivity can be increased if a leader has an explicit aim. It is stated that rewards, detailed guidance, or punishment can motivate employees. According to this concept, it is required to control the employees so that they can satisfy their leader with the way they work. In some cases transaction leadership is rather efficient. However, it is regarded as the method that can hinder both the employees and leaders from making great progress in a specific area.Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper

Concluding Part
Nurses should follow the management and leadership model which corresponds to their beliefs. As for me, adhering to both the concept Y and transformational leadership model is the best way of achieving impressive results. It does not matter whether you are an experienced nurse or the one who has just got a job. The chosen leadership style should teach and motivate you to make important decisions relating to hospital.

With this clearly written leadership and management in nursing essay example, you will easily understand how to create a solid paper. Leadership And Management: Functions And Peculiarities Essay Paper