Interest In Studying Biomedical Sciences

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Interest In Studying Biomedical Sciences

Approximately one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime; one in three children born in or after 2015 will develop Alzheimer’s. Every year, more people are diagnosed with life-threatening, debilitating conditions and fortunately, due to significant advances in research, their future seems more hopeful than ever. The ability to bridge the gap between what is known and what is yet to be discovered, as well as the wide array of subjects, from genetics to pharmacology, are what attract me most to study Biomedical sciences.

Volunteering in a children’s hospice for several years opened my eyes to the value of the life we too often take for granted. It was heartbreaking to know that most of these children will never have a chance to grow up, and the question: “Why them?” haunted me for a long time. Seeing the incredible strength of the individuals who never stop fighting and find hope and a smile in the darkest times, has inspired and changed me as a person. It has also strengthened my desire to study Biomedical sciences and pursue the path of research, to have the ability to give them a second chance at life.Interest In Studying Biomedical Sciences

Wanting to learn more about Biomedical sciences, I became a guest auditor at the “Freie Universitaet” Berlin, and completed several work experiences. Thereby I obtained a broad overview of the different fields, which reinforced my desire to study Biomedical sciences. During a three week internship in a cytogenetics laboratory, I put my theoretical knowledge of karyotyping into practice, and learned about diagnostic tools, such as Array-CGH and FISH.

Furthermore, I shadowed a group of scientists conducting long-term clinical trials on children, to study how the mechanisms of neuroplasticity develop throughout a lifetime, and how factors such as sleep may affect their neurocognitive development. This experience provided a glimpse into how human studies are conducted, particularly regarding its ethical considerations, and has illustrated the importance of the researcher-research subject relationship, especially with children and when testing their cognitive abilities.


Apart from learning how to analyse fMRI scans and EEG signals, I was also tasked with digitizing and statistically analyzing data collected during testing. For six weeks I worked with a group of researchers studying the Role of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells in Cancer Progression, to try and develop new treatment options for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma. I learned how researchers approach complex problems, and realized how one study could potentially change the lives of millions of people. Inspired, I decided to conduct an experimental study on the effects of glyphosate on E. Сoli and other bacteria constituting the gut flora, to investigate the potential impacts of glyphosate on the human body.Interest In Studying Biomedical Sciences

Having played the violin for 14 years, music has played a significant role in my life, with regular concert tours and competitions around the world. However, it was not always easy to maintain the motivation to practice for the extensive periods of time necessary. This has changed after I found a new and fulfilling purpose, in performing in hospitals and care homes, and organizing charity concerts. Through these experiences, I have witnessed the power of music to heal and unite, overcome boundaries of racial and cultural differences, and create mutual understanding.

Outside of my lessons, I also enjoy climbing, being a part of the Berlin state team. Even though climbing is essentially an individual sport, the strong team spirit has shown me that working effectively as a group often yields the better outcome. Attending an international school, I have realized the importance and the beauty of embracing and cherishing different cultural backgrounds. I would therefore like to continue my studies at a university in the United Kingdom, as it provides a global outlook and a diverse learning environment.Interest In Studying Biomedical Sciences