Influence Of Core Beliefs On Nursing Profession

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Influence Of Core Beliefs On Nursing Profession

Mendes believes that every individual contains cultural, historical and religious factors that influence their self-portrayal, their world-viewing lens and their abilities to express emotions with others (2018). Doane & Varcoe determined that humans can be situated and constituted, where the experiences from several situations can give meaning to our world, as well as how we develop into our own person based off of history and learnings from previous generations (2005). There are several beliefs, values and assumptions that everyone holds close to their heart, mine happen to be my value of friendship, my belief in constant change, and my beliefs in death/illness, which can be seen on my mandala number 11.Influence Of Core Beliefs On Nursing Profession

Friendship is a relationship that grows from common beliefs, interests and understandings. I have chosen to represent friendship as two hearts intertwined as friendship is a value that I hold close to my heart (see Figure 1. ). Friendship is my main value as I suffer from autism and had a hard time developing friendships while growing up, therefore any friendships that I do make are very deep connections for me.


My experiences from school and family would be what gives meaning to my value of friendship. My experience with school as a young child has affected my view of the importance behind friendship as I always had a harder time understanding acceptable and non-acceptable behaviors as a child. This lack of understanding lead to me being nearly completely socially isolated from my fellow peers, until I grew up and developed an understanding of different perspectives other than my own. My family has also influenced my value of friendship, as I grew up in an English-speaking family surrounded by French. I had trouble communicating with others due to the language barrier. This lack of communicational abilities had led me to even further isolation until I could understand the language and communicate with others.Influence Of Core Beliefs On Nursing Profession

These experiences and influences had altered my viewpoint on friendship where it takes several months to years to develop a strong connection. This altered viewpoint of friendship has also altered my thinking into assuming that when people attempt to get close to me in school or work, they are doing it out of a need for social interaction and not to develop a friendship as social interactions with these people rarely occur outside of those situations unless by accident. These factors have influenced my value of friendship to hold an ever deeper meaning and can affect my ability as a nurse to interact with patients, to identify their own personal beliefs and values of how they think they should be treated (Mendes, 2018).

Constant change
Change is the ability to alter one’s self to reflect certain beliefs, values or interests that they wish to express. I have chosen to represent my beliefs of constant change as a purple fruit tree, as values and beliefs are always in a constant motion of change, and the color of the tree is purple as it is commonly known to represent peace, independence and mystery, which I believe describes me as a person. My development of having constant change as a belief, stems from my autism and depression. My autism has affected the way I view the world and the way I have expressed my self throughout my life.Influence Of Core Beliefs On Nursing Profession

As a child, I had trouble understanding that everyone has their own viewpoint. I saw everything through my lens and never thought about how others might see things. My self-awareness of other people’s points of view developed when my brother one day decided that I was no longer worthy to play games with him or be in the same room as him, when previously I did everything with him. My lens continued to develop when I went through a phase of depression. I had felt so alone and tired that I no longer wanted to live and had to spend time in a psychiatric ward until I could be given anti-depressants. I developed an understanding of how people don’t always express their best, as certain situations can keep them from feeling their best. These situations have helped me become more open minded to how people have multiple layers to them, and that they can be expressed at anytime due to certain conditions they may be experiencing. This open mindedness can help me become a better nurse as, it can allow me to show compassion and dignity to those that are expressing hatred and sadness, and allow me to bring forth a happier, healthier side of the patient (Tetley, Dobson, Jack, Pearson, & Walker, 2016) Influence Of Core Beliefs On Nursing Profession