Incorporating Social Justice Principles Into Pharmacist Work

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Incorporating Social Justice Principles Into Pharmacist Work Essay.

Social Justice refers to the concept of creating a society that is built on the principles of equality and unity, understands human rights, and acknowledges the dignity of every human being.

Social justice is a growing ethical issue in Pharmacy. Pharmacists are being requested to ration the distribution of certain high cost drugs, due to a need to keep expenses down and also to limited resources. A pharmacist has to face the decision of how to morally justify the use of new and expensive biotechnological drugs.Incorporating Social Justice Principles Into Pharmacist Work Essay.


Social justice should be at the heart of every pharmacist’s thinking. This means that all patients should be treated equally and have equal access to medication and care. However, this is not always possible. Some drugs are in limited supply and therefore only the most vulnerable are allowed to access them. For example, pharmacists are instructed that some vaccinations are only to be given to children under the age of five, pregnant women, and people who are otherwise more susceptible to contracting the illness.

In order to incorporate the tenets of social justice into my work as a pharmacist, I plan on treating all patients equally. I recognise that it is not my position to make judgements on the worthiness of patients to access medication and care. Clearly, there are guidelines to be followed regarding eligibility for and the distribution of expensive drugs. As a pharmacist I will, of course, strictly adhere to these policies.

Nevertheless, as a rule, pharmacy should reflect the society we are working towards in creating equality for all people and treating each individual with respect, understanding and dignity.Incorporating Social Justice Principles Into Pharmacist Work Essay.