Improving Patient’s Ability To Identify Caregivers Essay

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Improving Patient’s Ability To Identify Caregivers Essay

At any given clip during their infirmary stay. a patient brushs several health professionals. Most infirmaries have nurses. patient attention technicians. dietetic staff. housework. hospitalists. occupants. and doctors. instance directors. societal workers. physical healers and many more. Most establishments have name badges and necessitate employees to have on them at all times so that the patient is cognizant of who is caring for them. However. the current name badges used at this establishment are reasonably little and the authorship is non really illegible. or they are flipped over or covered by lab coats or jumpers. This is a disadvantage to patients who have cognitive disablements. aged patients every bit good as those patients who do non talk English.

How many times to patients inquire the respiratory healer who happens to be have oning a lab coat about their wellness issues. because they look like a physician have oning a white lab coat? Or inquire the dietetic assistance who walks into the room with an IPAD about their hurting medicine? Improving Patient’s Ability To Identify Caregivers Essay. This could present an increased hazard to patients if they happen to relay an issue about a serious wellness concern to the incorrect squad member merely because they were have oning gowns. With this in head. I would wish to suggest a color-coded uniform system for staff to assist patients with this job.

Target Population

The mark population for this recommendation would be all employees within the establishment. This procedure besides targets the patients. households and visitants. as they are the 1s who stand to profit the most. The best manner to travel about this would be to set together a squad or commission to transport out a study throughout the infirmary to acquire a feel of what the employees and patients think about the thought. They should besides supply suggestions as to what colourss they would take if they had to have on a uniform. The thought is to utilize a different colour for different sections throughout the infirmary. In a study conducted by Lange. ( 2002 ) . out of 100 patients. 28 % could non distinguish between their nurse and UAP. 15 % identified their UAP as their nurse. 59 % could non place their nurse by a list of names.

Benefits Of The Program

Some of the benefits of a frock codification in the infirmary include ; standard frock codification helps the patient differentiate between different staff members such as the nurses. lab technicians. physicians etc. It helps the installation feel and look professional increasing the patient’s assurance while giving the company an elegant image. It is really hard for patients to retrieve different names and faces. Giving them a point of mentions. which are color-coded gown. will assist them do the differences ( nursinguniforms. net 2014 ) . Improving Patient’s Ability To Identify Caregivers Essay.



This quality betterment program will turn out to be dearly-won at first when the alterations are implemented. but will better client satisfaction. which in bend encouragements net incomes. The best manner to near the state of affairs is for the organisation to spouse up with a unvarying company and make a sensible and low-cost contract to fabricate uniforms and sell them at sensible monetary values that the staff can afford. Initially the company may hold to supply two or three braces of uniforms to each staff member and from so on. the staff will be responsible for purchasing their ain.

This will do the altering procedure much easier. because one of the grounds that staff members will come up with to defy the alteration. will be that they do non hold excess money in their budgets to purchase new uniforms when they already have plentifulness of gown. In the beginning. this procedure can be implemented merely in sections that deal with direct patient attention such as nurses. PCTs. lab technicians. orderlies. unit secretaries and physical therapy. The type of cloth used will besides factor into the cost. The uniforms must be comfy. easy to clean and allow for the occupation rubric. After execution. every new employee will be notified of the frock codification and given instructions on how to order them. The infirmary might besides hold to incur the cost of perchance losing staff members who would instead go forth so follow the new regulations. These costs include new hire orientation. utilizing bureau employees or paying overtime for others to cover those displacements. ( Ragan 2012 )


The best manner to measure this quality betterment step would be to execute patient satisfaction studies. One method is by utilizing short questionnaires that can be included in the welcome package that each patient gets on admittance. The members of the commission would hold to be responsible for roll uping those questionnaires and measuring the responses. Another was is to hold the patient representative visit patients during their infirmary stay and acquire their sentiment about what they think of the unvarying frock codification. Improving Patient’s Ability To Identify Caregivers Essay. It would besides be of import to acquire input from staff members every bit good. Staff members should be educated on the logical thinking behind the enterprise. and their apprehension of it can be assesses by inquiring inquiries. besides holding them fill questionnaires and holding meetings to measure their responses.

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