Importance of safe hand-washing

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Importance of safe hand-washing during COVID -19 essay paper

Covid Teaching Project- Importance of safe handwashing during COVID -19 use Evidence Based Practice to support your teaching

Teaching Project Outline Format

  1. Assessment of Needs and Rationales (30%)


a. Group/Aggregate description (10% = 4 x 2.5% each)

i. What is the health teaching need- Importance of safe handwashing during COVID -19

ii. Who identified the need-

iii. How was the need identified-


iv. What does the evidence say about this group and their teaching needs (application of evidence-based practice- cite research)-

b. Assessment of readiness (There may be possible constraints in assessing this area due to limited group availability or the setting). (10% = 5 x 2% each)

i. Readiness-

ii. Motivation-

iii. Experiential background (previous teaching?)-

iv. Current status (age intellectual level and/or educational level, etc)-

v. Interest and actual and/or potential barriers to learning-, Adherence to plan/strategy, evaluation /pre/post

c. Two Community/Group Diagnoses (10% = 2 x 5% each)-



  1. Teaching Plan (40%)

a. TP on time. What specific gains are you aiming for with your aggregate? (10%)-

b. 2 Objectives (10%)



c. Teaching Strategies 15%:

i. Identify at least 3 teaching strategies/methods student to use -(Q & A, pretest/post test, discussion, lecture, video, handouts, survey, case study, demo, role playing, ppt slides, poster board, web links, readings, self-report, group work, brain storming, visual aids, etc…)




ii. Content based on literature review on reference page – 4 evidence-based resources within the past 5 years.

iii. APA Format.

e. What financial needs to be in place in order to make the changes occur? – (5%)

Importance of safe hand-washing during COVID -19 essay paper