Impact Of Long Working Hours

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Impact Of Long Working Hours Essay

Working long hours have recently become as an important topic, the aim of this is to working-time regulations is to Promise that employees are protected from long periods of labor, high depression, health illness and to provide sufficient rest and holiday time as a way to fill employees resources, Employees who work extra time hours undergone different mental, physical, and social effects mental, physical effects. It includes pressure, shortage of time poor work-life balance, and Fitness issue workers performance levels could also be drop down. Impact Of Long Working Hours Essay

Long working hours could cause to be illness, sleepiness, and lack of attentions towards objectives 29% of respondents felt that long working hours was the main cause of their workplace stress. Studies shown that makes work less productive and less satisfied and less healthy, and Stress caused burn out, Excessive stress hurts, it lease to mental poor health, Working against clock is incredible stressful, In Japan there’s a word “KAROSHI” which means working to death, because of employees death has forced the Japanese government to review labor laws. Deadlines and spending long days in the office replying to emails in midnights, in some culture the long hours has become the symbol of stress that employee deadly face, in Japan death by overwork name ‘Karoshi’ is victim 23 year old man who had work hundred and ninety hours overtime in month, the Japanese Government has promised to review the labor laws There is pressure then on the companies to adapt practices so that their workers Pressure to perform work across the world people are working longer, in Japan a place where employee expected to put their companies above everything else, on top of 40 hours of week work is clock up over a hundred hours each month and after that they don’t claim for extra time.Impact Of Long Working Hours Essay

A recent report that found that Japanese employees at risk of working to death losing their life’s by heart attacks and strokes and suicide although It is common in America to work longer, But The Denmark considered a model life balance most employee there work around 33 hours a week overtime is generally Working from 9 to 5 is almost not existing because working longer cause to low productivity Don’t work long hours no matter regarding gender If you consist to work long hours you give off, By the way long means over 40. Long doesn’t mean 40 hours in office you have to take off from the activates like replying email late night, doing assignments at home all activates that is connected with your work is avoided, The problems that occur because of long working Health Issue like blur vision, heart attack, high depression, sleepless, mental effects, friends avoided physical effect, morality risk, avoid family, low productivity, not committed towards the objective, less-motivated to achieve organizational goals, not perform well, and this is not the issue of employees it is issue of the students who are spending their 88% in educational institutions.

The employees have no proper time for their own life for their families there friends they are work like machine and they are losing their actual abilities like thinking and conceptualizing because of high pressure of work performance. This kind of employees are not innovative thinkers they are just followers and they are not knee to interest in taking initiative they are not work with creative style.

LEE K(2016) stated in his studies that “Impact of long working hours on stress level of employees” there is a strong relationship between long working hours and stress level, by using multivariate logistic regression analysis, this studies on the base of two variables “long working hours” and “stress level” adjusting these variables studies found that those who work > 60 hours 95% CI (confidential interval), by the end of studies we found that the long working hours cause to high stress level. Impact Of Long Working Hours Essay

NAKATA A (2017) describe in his studies about the “effect of long working hours on employees”. Long working hours are independent variable and stress level is depended variable, by using the multivariate regression analysis and surveyed of self-administrated questionnaires, the center for epidemiologic studies depression scale was used to assess, the result shows that long working hours increased the risk of depression and employee health and it also effect the social life of the employees.

Dembe E. (2005) demonstrate in their studies of “impact of long working hours on employees” the variable are long working hours and stress level and demographic variable (social life, age, education) by using the multivariate regression analysis were used to estimate risk of stress level which show working 60 hours per week associated with 23% increase in hazard rate, and working 12 hours per day increase 37% hazard rate, and working extra time cause health issue.Impact Of Long Working Hours Essay