Highly Active DNA Cells

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Highly Active DNA Cells Essay.

Some people are born with some highly active DNA cells in their body. In my case, that highly active DNA gene was the Fashion gene. I recall having a highly developed fashion sense at a very early age. It all started when I learned to hold a crayon and got my first coloring book. I remember that it was a Barbie Fashions coloring book and my mother taught me how to color within the lines using only the 8 basic colors that was in the crayon box.


I became addicted to the Barbie Fashion coloring books and my mother noticed that I was also getting frustrated by my 8 color crayon set. That is why my crayon coloring set kept growing in number until I finally maxed out at 72 colors. Eventually, I learned the rudiments of drawing in school and I began to hone my drawing talent by copying the Barbie designs from my coloring book collection. As I grew out of the Barbie era of my childhood, I came to be influenced by the young teen fashion magazines like Seventeen and Teen Vogue.Highly Active DNA Cells Essay.

Magazines that I got to know about because my relatives who knew of my passion for fashion would often gift me with fashion magazine subscriptions for my birthday and other holidays. I began to replicate the dress style in those magazines while throwing in my personal touch in order to come up with my own highly distinct and memorable fashion style which was often copied by my friends and schoolmates. Indeed, she who has the keen fashion sense will always start the trends. Don’t get me wrong. I did not grow up as a fashion obsessed teen.

I had a well rounded youth that included school, social, sports, and other extra curricular activities. My parents made sure that even though I spent most of my time poring over fashion related activities, I would still have a wide view of the world around me and learn how to deal with other people in various settings. That is the reason why they sent me to soccer camp over four summers. For a few weeks in every year, my attention was turned from my budding talent for fashion towards learning the necessary disciplines of drive, determination, and the importance of being a team player.Highly Active DNA Cells Essay.

Those are things that I would never learn from fashion magazines but would need in order to succeed in the highly competitive fashion industry. While at school, I was often assigned to the decorations committee for various school functions and it was with great pride that I often helped my friends design their dance and prom gowns. My designs really turned heads every time my friends and I walked into the gym. But, when I was not busy with such activities, I could almost always be found at band practice after classes.

I was a member of the school band since I was nine years old and I was assigned to play the drums. Knowing that I had spent practically all my life following the daily goings on in the fashion world, my parents were not surprised when I told them that I waned to major in Advertising, as well as marketing and communications. I had always talked of becoming a member of the writing or design staff of a fashion magazine and they knew that I was never one to let go of my ambitions.Highly Active DNA Cells Essay.

The one thing that always amazes my family and friends is that I am a person who can be so multi-tasking that it almost seems like I no longer sleep at night. Time seems to be my friend which is why I get to enjoy other activities like writing fictional stories and poetry, aside from my constant doodling of my fashion ideas on a sketch pad. When my parents asked me, “Where do you see yourself five years from college graduation? ” after I graduated from high school, my reply was almost instantaneous, that is the same answer that I wish to share with you now.

I am a very passionate person when it comes to fashion. So, it is pretty obvious that I see myself working in the creative or advertising department of a leading fashion magazine. I know that will not be hard to achieve. After all, I have spend all my time constantly preparing for that career. I know that is what I want and I know that I can make it happen for me. There is nothing that I cannot accomplish provided my mind and heart are set upon achieving it.Highly Active DNA Cells Essay.