Healthcare Profession Report

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Healthcare Profession Report Example

An important profession in healthcare organizations is senior management. These leaders serve healthcare by overseeing aspects of operations and determining strategy. At the executive level some position titles include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer or Director of Administration. While they may work in a variety of areas, what they have in common is skills and expertise in managing people, processes and resource (Fallon & McConnell, 2013). Healthcare Profession Report Example

While there are no set qualifications for leadership roles typical qualifications include education in the area of leadership as well as a university degree in Business or Public Administration. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a common educational qualification for many in executive leadership. Compensation for senior and executive leaders is typically higher than that paid for most employees. It may involve a base rate as well as performance bonuses for achieving objectives and goals. A larger organization and greater responsibility typically means higher earnings. The best way to recruit for such positions is to either promote from within, or to seek an experienced leader in healthcare using a specialized executive search service. Healthcare Profession Report Example


There is always significant demand for strong leaders, especially those with a strong track record in change management. There is limited advancement, given that leaders are near the top of the organizational chart already. Nearly any career path in healthcare can lead to leadership by pursuing supervisory and managerial roles along with the appropriate education. Nurses are well positioned to consider this field because it provides an opportunity to shape the way that healthcare is delivered. This particular healthcare profession is interesting to me because leaders are the ultimate decision makers in healthcare reform, and they choose the priorities and vision for a facility or organization (Fallon & McConnell, 2013). Physicians and other healthcare professionals may also consider this profession.

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Healthcare Profession Report Example