Healthcare Advocacy and Advanced Practice

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Healthcare Advocacy and Advanced Practice Essay

Effective strategies of healthcare advocacy are very crucial towards enhancing service delivery. This is because these strategies are very essential towards promoting effective healthcare practice that increase efficiency and patient safety. Some of these initiatives assist in improving passion, knowledge and commitment among the healthcare providers and administrators. These advocacy measures integrate professional ethics, science, politics and evidence based practices to increase clinical and practical; competence in healthcare (Benton, 2012). As healthcare is experiencing dramatic dynamism, better healthcare advocacy initiatives have been applied in order to serve advanced practice environment as well as addressing issues related to policy.Healthcare Advocacy and Advanced Practice Essay

Coordination of the major healthcare aspects is very crucial towards enhancing service delivery. This is through the creation of effective communication and relational activities. This is very imperative towards promoting collaboration that is very critical in sharing various skills related to healthcare. This is one of the strategies that promote educational and professional development because of the learning environment that is facilitated by the environment. Acquisition of strategies that enhance accurate coordination of various departments is very important as this encourages continuity in in the information and services within healthcare facilities (Benton, 2012). This provides a propagative environment for policy development and advanced practices.Healthcare Advocacy and Advanced Practice Essay


Development of strong leadership is very important in healthcare. This is one of the factors that assists is drawing significant influence in the performance of various activities in healthcare provision and administration. All the structural and cultural models in an organization should create an environment that promotes good leadership activities. This is through adherence to the professional ethical and moral regulations. Strong leadership in healthcare is an endeavor that assists in the maintenance of solidarity and unity within the profession (Benton, 2012). This is one of the most realistic ways of creating considerable influence towards the acquisition of healthcare goals and objectives through guiding the policy making processes and in acquisition of good practices for advanced healthcare environments.

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