Genomics in Patient Assessment

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Genomics in Patient Assessment.

Genomics in Patient Assessment

Summary of the Article

Philips et al., (2017), in their article, explore various genomic medicine can be made patient-centered and evidence-based through the use of landscape and a structured review of comparative effectiveness research.


The authors made a detailed summary of a high-quality review on genomic that compared the clinic utility and validityof genomic medicine tests.Genomics in Patient Assessment. Their central focus was on clinical utility findings that effectively summarized the comparative effectiveness research based on the evidence about genomic medicine and the accrued gaps that exist, including future research needs. From the systematic review and analysis, the authors found that there is a limited body of evidence that is linked to the effectiveness of using genomic tests on health outcomes, and there are many evidence gaps that require to be addressed in this area. The relevance of this article in the topic of Genomics in patient assessment is that it illuminates how genomic medicine can be made patient-centered in order to make this field more effective.Genomics in Patient Assessment.

Role of Nurses in GenomicsDuringPatient Assessment

In genetic assessments, nurses play a central role in that they help patients understand their genetic test results, explore implications for the family, provide support and consequently encourage the patients to comply with treatment and screening requirements and recommendations. McCormick & Calzone (2016) note that it is relatively important for the nurses to have the required skills to identify hereditary risks, gather family history and make the appropriate recommendation or referrals for genetic testing and consultation.Genomics in Patient Assessment.

Ethical implications that should be considered in genetics and genomics for nursing practice

One ethical implication that should be considered is privacy and confidentiality. A clear line should be drawn on individual who can access the genetic information, that is, those that own and control the information. Another ethical implication that should be considered is the accrued impact of the genetic information in regard to how it affects the patient and the society, including members of the minority communities.Genomics in Patient Assessment.


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Phillips, K. A., Deverka, P. A., Sox, H. C., Khoury, M. J., Sandy, L. G., Ginsburg, G. S., … & Douglas, M. P. (2017). Making genomic medicine evidence-based and patient-centered: a structured review and landscape analysis of comparative effectiveness research. Genetics in Medicine, 19(10), 1081-1091.

Genomics in Patient Assessment.