Fried Food and Grilled Foods

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Fried Food and Grilled Foods» Essay Paper

There are different methods of cooking that people use in preparation of their diets. The choice of cooking method depends with the choice of an individual. The taste determination of all prepared foods is always by associating it, to the method put in use, during its preparation (Brown 13-77). There are also cooking methods that are more recommended by nutritionists than others because, there are methods that affect the nutritional component of the food. For example, boiling of green vegetables is not recommended. This is because the boiling process kills the entire vitamin in the vegetable making them just to contain roughage (Brown 13-77). Therefore, it becomes vital to choose a method that does not reduce the nutrients in food. This paper looks at fried food versus grilled food. The paper persuades people to use grill method to prepare food rather than frying food, because of the negative effects that fried food may have on their health.Fried Food and Grilled Foods» Essay Paper


There are many people, who do not have knowledge of some of the methods they should use when preparing their food. Many people choose a method of food preparation that is quick and also effective to them without consideration the effect the method has on the nutritional value of the food (Brown 13-77). For instance, in this case many people would go for fried food rather than grilled food because the method does not have much hassle when using it like grilling has. Both of these methods are easy ways of food preparation. However, I would like to take this opportunity to persuade people that if they are conscious of their health and care about the nutritional value of the food that you eat then grilling are the better option other that fried food. One of the advantages of fried food is that it is a quick way of food preparation compared with grilled food. Despite this, when it comes to the nutrition value of the fried food it is of low quality because in the consumption of the food, one consumes even the oil used in its preparation (Brown 13-77). This oil is not healthy, for the body and everyone should do the best to avoid the food with this oil. The oil is unhealthy because it increases the amount of cholesterol in the body. If one eats fried food for a long time, there are high chances of gaining weight instead of losing it. This may health problems such as obesity of high blood pressure because of the addition of cholesterol in the blood stream (Fitday). Grilling is the recommended method because, for example, when cooking meat the meat absorbs the oil instead of releasing it. Grilling prevent the exposure of fats and oil exposed in fried foods. Therefore, the oil content of the meat reduces hence low chances of getting health problems related to high oil intake. So for the betterment of the body health it is beneficial to use grilling method in food preparation (Brown 13-77). This will assist a lot in preventing some health conditions that affect a person in the whole of his or her life.Fried Food and Grilled Foods» Essay Paper

Most people argue that fried food is tastier than grilled food (Fitday). This is true because of the fact that grilled foods lose some of its fat content while cooking. However, grilled food has a high content of nutrients, for example, minerals and vitamins. These are essential nutrient that the body needs for its physiological process. Many people argue that fried food is tastier that grilled food. This is true but one can use marinating method to make the grilled food tastier. This is through the use of herb seasoning (Fitday). Though this process may take time, it is worth because the nutritional value of the food is goes up and the taste also gets some improvement. The taste of grilled food can also be improved by brushing the top of the grilled, for example, fish or meat with canola or sesame oil and then sprinkling some salt on the food (Brown 13-77). This cannot be compared with eating fried food, which is tastier, and of less nutritional value to the body. So I would like to persuade those people, who have not tried some recipes of grilled food to try one, and find out how efficient the method is in preparation of high value nutritional food. For people, who like taking oil, I would to persuade them to look for another alternative instead of eating fried diet. For example, there are healthy fats found in vegetable and fish oil which do not have effects on body health because they do not increase the amount of cholesterol in the body (Brown 13-77).Fried Food and Grilled Foods» Essay Paper

Therefore, it would be advisable for people to change the attitude that they may have on grilled food and try this method because it will have a lot of benefits for the health. People should not be attracted to the many restaurants selling the fast foods all over (Brown 13-77). The most crucial thing that people should consider is the nutritional value that the fatty foods have on their health. For those people, who want to avoid sicknesses or diseases related to extra fats on their body; then I would persuade them to turn to grilled food rather than fried food. For those who cook their food grilling is the better method than fried method of food preparation.Fried Food and Grilled Foods» Essay Paper