Examining Nursing Specialties Essay

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NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay.

A nurse Informaticist is a person tasked with the mandate of helping computer programmers of nursing system developers to design and implement a nursing computerized system. The SDLC refers to the systems development life cycle.NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay. The Informaticist should help the computer technocrats in problem analysis and propose the intended computerized solution. System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) refers to the distinct steps that system developers follow to design, troubleshoot and implement a system required by a client (McGonigle and Mastrian, 2015).NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay.


In the healthcare field, the development includes a needs assessment, which would include physicians, healthcare professionals, environmental issues, technological factors, and legislative factors that affect the healthcare setting. A SDLC should employ a procedural problem-solving approach to enable with the aim ofdeveloping the best computer system that solves the problem at hand and at the minimum possible cost and minimal time (Massey and Satao, 2012).NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay. The problem at hand is the development of a nursing documentation system that is acceptable and impactful in solving the documentation challenge in the healthcare system. A nurse leader is very crucial in guiding the system developers on various stages of system development including Planning and requirements definition, Analysis, Design of the new system, Implementation and Post-implementation support (Massey and Satao, 2012). The plan should identify the needs of the organization as a whole and come up with solutions to meet those needs. Nurses have a key role in the development of the information systems used in their organization.NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay.

Portfolio Assignment: The Role of the Nurse Informaticist in Systems Development and Implementation

Assume you are a nurse manager on a unit where a new nursing documentation system is to be implemented. You want to ensure that the system will be usable and acceptable for the nurses impacted. You realize a nurse leader must be on the implementation team.

To Prepare:

Review the steps of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and reflect on the scenario presented.
Consider the benefits and challenges associated with involving a nurse leader on an implementation team for health information technology.
The Assignment: (2-3 pages)

In preparation of filling this role, develop a 2- to 3-page role description for a graduate-level nurse to guide his/her participation on the implementation team. The role description should be based on the SDLC stages and tasks and should clearly define how this individual will participate in and impact each of the following steps:

Planning and requirements definition
Design of the new system
Post-implementation support
The SDLC is similar to the nursing process. The stages include analyzing, designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining. Potential problems in each stage are as follows:

Analysis: During this phase, the team analyzes the needs of the end user to ensure the

system meets their expectations (Innovative Architects, n.d.). Nurse should be included during this phase in order to ensure an appropriate timeline for completion of the project, and to make sure that the team is focusing on the needs/requirements of the organization.

Design: This phase describes in detail the necessary specifications, features, and operations that will satisfy the functional requirements of the proposed system (Innovative Architects). During this phase, it is easy for members of the design team to put what they think is necessary, which can be totally opposite of what is actually needed. The nurse can ensure during this stage that “features and operations that will satisfy the functional requirements of the proposed system” (Innovative Architects).

Implementing: The implementation phase brings the design to life. No program is perfect, and it is during this phase that team members offer feedback on how to correct imperfections.

In the article The Critical Nature of Early Nursing Involvement for Introducing New Technologies,Weckman and Janzen state that during “implementation of the BCMA system revealed how complicated a relatively simple-looking task, such as scanning a wristband, can be” (2009). The nurse investigated the challenge and were able to find a solution. NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay.

Test: It is determined during this phase if the system performs appropriately for the user, doing what it needs to do in order for the user to do their job.

Maintain: “Once the system is finalized, it must be maintained” (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017). Users are able to fine-tune the system to boost performance or add new capabilities if they wish. Because the nurses will be the using the systems most, they should be involved in this phase. Once the system is in place and functioning, nurses may find that there are certain aspects missing or too many included that is not necessary for their specific needs. This phase allows the team to fine-tune the system to customize it to their needs.NURS 6051 Discussion: Examining Nursing Specialties Essay.