Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care

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Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay

Evidence-based plan in health care appears to be common in many health institutions, and it seems to be a change agent in the way things are currently done in these hospitals. The evidence-based plan, therefore, refers to the judicious, conscientious and explicit use of current health evidence in making decisions concerning the best treatment to be administered to a patient (Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). This evidence is obtained from scientific research that is conducted before treatment. Therefore, this paper provides an evidence-based plan for healthcare delivery in a heart failure clinic. Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay. The essay offers the evidence-based plan in the format of an orientation course plan, a discharge education plan, and a care coordination plan.

An Orientation Course Plan

An increased number of readmissions in a hospital implies inefficiency of service delivery. As a transformational leader, examining the core cause of the readmissions is the first procedure for effecting a change of any kind in this healthcare center (Kelly, P., & Tazbir, 2014). Heart failure patients get re-admitted to the hospital because they have little knowledge of how to handle the situation. An orientation course plan is, therefore, necessary to ensure the evidence-based plan for the health delivery is achieved and all protocols observed.


Contents of the Orientation Course

The orientation course is aimed at educating the patients and the nurses on common measures that can be taken to avoid health problems. Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay. The schedule has topics, objectives, key points and patient resources as shown below;

Orientation Topics

Key Points

Patient Resources


Medication therapy


Personal exercise

Infection control

Stress management

Onboarding of new nurses

Task shifting

The shift in patient’s status

Soft skills to improve general interaction and training

Leadership and management

Normal heart therapy machines

Laboratory facilities

Vital signs measuring machines

Weight measurement equipment

Ensure patients know what the plan entails

Sensitize patients on the need of a balanced diet in control of heart failures

Sensitize nurses on the need of specialization in jobs

Components of an Education-Evidence Based Plan

New research and evidence have become an ongoing basis in clinical operations. Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay. Therefore, it is a requirement that nurses develop and adopts new Evidence-based practice components to reduce readmission of patients with heart failures (Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). Therefore, Evidence- Base Plan (EBP) has got various components such as training, communication, assessment of pedagogical approaches, and the nurse’s approach to heart attack issues (Melnyk, & Fineout-Overholt, 2011).

Evaluation of the EBP and Modalities to Deliver Information

As a nurse, transformational leader, assessment of the plan as far as patient knowledge is concerned is a subject of paramount importance. I will know if the patients will understand what to do only by doing a pre-feasibility survey. The information obtained from the study will give me a basis concerning the way the patients will respond to the change. I will, therefore, use different modalities to deliver my information. These modalities include;

On-site training of all patients who will visit the clinic

Use of E-learning sources for the nurses

Use of First lane classrooms for patients who are frequent visitors

Use of individual classroom training for my patients and the nurses

I will, therefore, adopt the care plan to meet the needs of all languages. This procedure will be possible only by integrating different cultures in the care plan. I will emphasize the use of one single language to ensure uniformity in delivery.

Professional and Legal Standards about the Care Plan

As is argued by the American Nurses Association (ANA), standards of nursing practice are usually authoritative statements of the duties that all the registered nurses are supposed to follow strictly (Blais, 2015). Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay. The Nursing and Midwifery Codes of conducts requires all nurses to be ethical in all their practices. Therefore, the care plan has to be by the NMC 2015 codes and also other professional ethical guidelines provided by the Federal law.

The most recent heart failure guidelines and regulations also play a pivotal role in determining the evidence-based care plan. The HF path, the HF resource center guidelines and even the AHA/ACC 2016 and 2017 Heart Failure Guidelines lays the foundation for the care training program (Blais, 2015).

Accountability Tools and Success Evaluation

Every evidence-based care plans are formulated with a purpose of improving the way healthcare is admitted to patients (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2011). Therefore evaluating the program and being accountable for every step is a subject of paramount importance. Various tools for accountability such as nursing support groups, tracking charts and reflection journals will be used. Success, therefore, will be quantified from the data obtained from accountability tools and then interpreted statistically. After the plan is implemented, if the percentage of patients who are readmitted reduces, it will be a clear indication that the project is a success.

A Discharge Education Plan

A discharge education plan prevents readmissions of patients with heart failure. Patients will, therefore, monitor their progress through the discharge schedule shown below;


Objectives & Outcome

Key points

Resources & interventions

Personal body exercise

Periodic therapy

Patient checkup

Weight monitoring

Patients discharge planning to begin on admission day including educational and training


On the day of discharge, the patient will receive verbal information concerning; Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay.




Follow up appointments

HF personal handling

Respiratory equipment

Beds and wheelchairs

HF therapy kit

I will ensure that every patient is interviewed before being given any verbal information to ensure that the patient understands what he/she is supposed to do. I will deliver the discharge plan information to patients through on-site training of all the HF patients. The plan is inclusive and non-discriminatory and therefore upholds the beliefs and the culture of all my clients.

The NMC 2015 codes of conducts require that all nurses should act professionally in discharging the patients (Rogers, 2018). The information given to any patient should be professional and easy to understand (Rogers, 2018). Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay. I will then measure the accountability by use of nursing support groups. Reduction in the cases of readmissions will be a testimony to the success of the discharge plan.


Cared Coordination Plan

The care coordination plan is useful in assisting me as the nurse leader to manage the activities that will be carried out during the training and discharging of the patients.




Accountability Tools and tools to measure the effectiveness

Patients with Heart Failure wander due to readmissions

To ensure that patients are not re-admitted because of HF.

To ensure that patients with other problems in addition to HF receive the care that they deserve.

To ensure patients receive the training, they need to handle HF cases

Pieces of training, seminars, conferences and HF care campaigns

Accountability nurse groups and also patient groups

For measuring effectiveness, a statistical analysis of the percentage of reduction in HF patients’ readmission is efficient.

A reduction in the percentage of patients with heart failures will be the essential indicator that the coordination plan, the discharge education plan and the orientation care plan is successful. If the three plans are successful, then the overall evidence-based plan will be successful. Evidence-Based Plan for Heart Failure Clinic Care Essay.


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