Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention

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Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay



Project: research the role of a chosen environmental exposure/issue on human health. This project will take place in two parts: Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

PART I: The research paper will serve as the basis for part two of the project, which is developing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for your chosen topic.


Reflection: Think back to the week one discussion where you identified several environmental issues that you felt were a potential issue to you or loved ones. Or, consider environmental health issues that you may have heard about in the news.

Environmental Impact on Disease

Relate the environmental impact or toxicant to your disease. Make the connection for how the issue is relevant to your audience. For example, if your topic is the role of pesticides on developing diabetes, provide the relevant research that connects pesticides and diabetes. Don’t forget to include contradictory studies. You should always present both pro and anti-research to strengthen your argument, but show any potential weaknesses in studies as applicable, to strengthen your argument. Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

  1. Exposure Prevention

In this section, consider all aspects of possible prevention from an individual, community, and population perspective. Consider policy and procedure, recommendations for how to reduce exposure, whatever is appropriate for your topic.

  1. Conclusion
  2. References

Please use at least 5 references, where at least three are peer-reviewed journal article from 2015-current. The other two references may come from other sources; such as the CDC or the EPA, etc.

You should expect to address these topics in 4-6 pages, times new roman, 12 point font APA-style, double spaced.

Noncommunicable diseases contribute to largest share of environment-related deaths Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

The second edition of the report, Preventing disease through healthy environments: a global assessment of the burden of disease from environmental risks, reveals that since the report was first published a decade ago, deaths due to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), attributable to air pollution (including exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke), are amounting to as much as 8.2 million of these deaths. NCDs, such as stroke, heart disease, cancers and chronic respiratory disease, now amount to nearly two-thirds of the total deaths caused by unhealthy environments.

At the same time, deaths from infectious diseases, such as diarrhoea and malaria, often related to poor water, sanitation and waste management, have declined. Increases in access to safe water and sanitation have been key contributors to this decline, alongside better access to immunization, insecticide-treated mosquito nets and essential medicines.

Healthier environment: healthier people

“A healthy environment underpins a healthy population,” says Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General. “If countries do not take actions to make environments where people live and work healthy, millions will continue to become ill and die too young.” Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

The report emphasizes cost-effective measures that countries can take to reverse the upward trend of environment-related disease and deaths. These include reducing the use of solid fuels for cooking and increasing access to low-carbon energy technologies.

“There’s an urgent need for investment in strategies to reduce environmental risks in our cities, homes and workplaces, said Dr Maria Neira, WHO Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health. “Such investments can significantly reduce the rising worldwide burden of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, injuries and cancers, and lead to immediate savings in healthcare costs.”Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

Environmental risks take their greatest toll on young children and older people, the report finds, with children under five and adults aged 50 to 75 years most impacted. Yearly, 1.7 million children under five and 4.9 million adults aged 50 to 75 deaths could be prevented through better environmental management. Lower respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases mostly impact children under five, while older people are most impacted by NCDs.

Burden of disease in WHO Regions

Regionally, the report finds, low- and middle-income countries in the WHO South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions had the largest environment-related disease burden in 2012, with a total of 7.3 million deaths, most attributable to indoor and outdoor air pollution. Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

2.2 million deaths annually in African Region
847 000 deaths annually in Region of the Americas
854 000 deaths annually in Eastern Mediterranean Region
1.4 million deaths annually in European Region
3.8 million deaths annually in South-East Asia Region
3.5 million deaths annually in Western Pacific Region
Low- and middle-income countries bear the greatest environmental burden in all types of diseases and injuries, however for certain NCDs, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers, the per capita disease burden can also be relatively high in high-income countries.

What is environmental health?
The environment can directly and indirectly impact on our health and wellbeing. Environmental health examines the interaction between the environment and our health. Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

We use the following definitions:

Environmental health refers to aspects of human health (including quality of life) that are determined by physical, chemical, biological, social and psychosocial factors in the environment.
Environment broadly includes everything external to ourselves, including the physical, natural, social and behavioral environments.
Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and is not merely the absence of disease or illness.
Why is the environment important for health?
We need safe, healthy and supportive environments for good health. The environment in which we live is a major determinant of our health and wellbeing. We depend on the environment for energy and the materials needed to sustain life, such as: Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay

clean air
safe drinking water
nutritious food
safe places to live.
Many aspects of our environment – both built and natural environment – can impact on our health. It’s important that we interpret health issues in the wider context of our environment and where we live Environment Impact On Disease And Exposure Prevention Essay