Effects Of Soda Intake On Health

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Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Soda is a popular drink, but people often forget about negative effects of the drink on their health. Negative effects of soda are diverse but the tasty drink often makes consumers forget or ignore them, while, in the most severe cases, the excessive consumption of soda may lead to serious health problems. Instead, the mere reduction of soda consumption may decrease risks and threats to consumer health. Therefore, the reduction of soda consumption is essential to avoid numerous pitfalls of the drink and its negative impact on consumer health.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay

Probably the most obvious negative impact of drinking too much soda is the harm the drink causes to the teeth. The excessive consumption of soda leads to the damage of the teeth and increases the risk of serious dental problems in a long-run perspective. Soda is an aggressive drink in relation to the teeth. The consumption of drink leads to the steady destruction or damage of enamel, which exposes the teeth to the high risk of the damages that may trigger the development of caries and other problems (Mun & Jun, 2011). In fact, the exposure of the teeth to the impact of soda can even lead to the loss of some teeth. Instead, the simple reduction of the consumption of soda decreases the risk of the development of various dental problems substantially. The teeth become more resistant to the impact of external factors because enamel of the teeth is not destructed as fast as it is under the impact of soda. In such a way, consumers can save their teeth by the mere reduction of the soda consumption.


Another problem evoked by soda is the change of the weight of consumers. In fact, soda is likely to cause a human to abdominally gain weight. Physical and chemical properties of soda increase the risk of abdominal gain weight and may result in the development of obesity and related health problems (Mun & Jun, 2011). At the same time, many consumers are very concerned with their abdominal area to keep it in the excellent shape. They apparently would not like the idea of having the abdominal weight gain just because of the soda consumption. In this regard, the reduction of the soda consumption can also contribute to the reduction of the abdominal weight gain. Consumers will minimize the risk of abdominal weight gain, if the reduction of the soda consumption is accompanied by physical activities.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay
Finally, soda may negatively affect human immune system that is much more dangerous than a mere weight gain or teeth damages. The negative impact of soda on the immune system is not evident but it is extremely dangerous (Mun & Jun, 2011). If one can notice a damaged tooth or weight one gains, then one can hardly notice immediately the deterioration of his/her immune system. Soda consumer may attribute more frequent and more serious health problems to different factors but not the soda consumption, because those problems occur irregularly and there is no direct and obvious correlation between those problems and the soda consumption. However, in actuality, it is soda that affects the immune system steadily and dangerously. Soda weakens the ability of the immune system to resist to various health problems and, therefore, increases the risk of the development of serious health problems.Thus, the reduction of the soda consumption is an essential step toward the improvement of one’s health and reduction of numerous risks and threats, which soda may trigger. Consumers should not even refuse from soda totally, if they are not willing to. Instead, they just should reduce the consumption and avoid excessive impact of soda on their health.Effects Of Soda Intake On Health Essay