Drivers of High Performance Healthcare

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Drivers of High Performance Healthcare Systems

The modern healthcare system is currently being reformed, and those reforms are intended to establish a high performance system. Among the drivers of high performance are quality, cost, access, equity, efficiency, productivity etc. “Since performance is interventionist in nature, health and healthcare performance can be influenced by those who have the ability and resources to do so” (Arah, 2005). Thus, practitioners are those individuals who could and should influence the healthcare system improvement of performance. Drivers of High Performance Healthcare Systems

One of the essential drivers in my practice is the quality, as it could be both measured and improved. According to AMGA (AMGA, 2017), “high-performing health care system should demonstrate quality measurement and improvement activities”, and in my practice quality is introduced through improved management of patients with chronic diseases, better preventive care for individuals in the risk-groups, and conduction and analysis of patient experience, etc. To improve the quality of the services provided, I never stop learning and continue with self-education and improvement of my skills. Healthcare institutions facilitate their stuff to increase the quality of the healthcare service rendered through studying numerous reports, researches and surveys of the patients, experiences and processes, etc.


Another driver of high-performance in the healthcare system is the cost of rendering the medical services. It is important to make health care more affordable to people, as not each person, who needs medical assistance, could afford to spend the required amount of money. Large part of the U.S. citizens could not afford basic medical assistance without health insurance, so healthcare professionals are concerned and strive to make health care more accessible for everybody who needs it. Drivers of High Performance Healthcare Systems

To conclude, high-performing healthcare system is the current objective that needs to be reached. Numerous drivers stimulate reforms and development in the system, yet the changes occur in slow tempo. In order to make the improvements more visible, healthcare specialists need to start with themselves by constantly educating themselves and reviewing their own performance.

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Drivers of High Performance Healthcare Systems