Drinking and Drug Use in Students

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Drinking and Drug Use in Students Essay

This paper, deal with drug usage in the society. The effects of drugs have been elaborated and how they affect them either financially and socially. Health related issues concerning usage of drugs have also been discussed in this paper.

Drug addiction has been a main concern for societies for along time now as it is growing at a high rate. Drugs abuse does not affect your loved ones but the society at large and has negative effects. According to Fazey (1994), drug abuses usually have a financial impact on society. This comprise costs connected to offenses and imprisonment, drug addiction healing, checkup costs from overdoses and drug connected injuries and obstacles, time that is usually lost from work and social well being schedules.Drinking and Drug Use in Students Essay

Abuse of drug is rampant in most colleges and schools by the youth aged around 15-35years. In the recent past, most of the students have been caught in this calamity mostly in social places. Drugs use and excessive consumption of alcohol has affected many youths whom are at their productive stage of life. Most of these youths are either influenced by their peers while some get into this problem by either trying them or eventually getting addicted. Nevertheless, a big percentage of these youths are influence by their friends in social places such as bars, during meetings among other areas.

There is a correlation between drug usage and disintegration of family value. Most of the families whom have broken down are affected much by the usage of drugs. Although families can influence the youth in terms of values and behaviors in eradicating the usage of drugs, this has been reduced by the negative influence their peers due to abdication of parental responsibilities to guardians and friends.Drinking and Drug Use in Students Essay


Financial implication is another impact that affects most of these addicts. Since majority of the youth are in school and they do not have a source of income, majority of them resort to other immoralities such as prostitution and stealing money and other goods in order they can get some money to buy the expensive drugs. However, it has also been shown that irregular source of income and unemployment may increase the stress on the family and its vulnerability to drug use.

Majority of people who takes drug, they become violent and are always feared by other people. In some cases if a drug abuse does not have enough money to buy the drugs, he or she can steal to satisfy his craving.

Research done about drug abuse has shown that drug use has been on the rise in the recent past and more and more people are falling into this trap. A lot of health related problems have been associated with the usage of drugs. Drinking and Drug Use in Students Essay Most of the substances which have been attributed to drug related deaths are cocaine, opium, tobacco and heroin. Drugs abuse has both primary and secondary effects. Key among them includes direct health effects, educational problems, psychological and behavioral consequences. The secondary effects of the drugs includes; indirect smoking, sexual impotence among others. However, other substances have been associated with the usage of drugs involve over dosage of drugs and injections among the peers which can be a cause of HIV/Aids. In the USA, 5% of the deaths have been attributed to the usage of drugs and mostly tobacco.

On the other hand, social smoking is a pattern where smoking is done in a social setting such as bars, pubs, nightclubs etc. these such of settings acts as a social cues of triggering usage of tobacco. There are various categories of smokers; key among them include people who smoke daily and occasional smokers. Social smoking is mainly attributed to smoking in most of these gatherings. Drinking and Drug Use in Students Essay


Research concerning usage of tobacco has shown that there is no level of tobacco consumption and most of the ingredients used for the manufacture of cigarettes have the capacity of causing cancer especially nicotine and caffeine. Other diseases emanating from tobacco include numerous respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases among others.

In summary, the usage of illicit drugs has a negative influence to the society. While there is an apparent payback to illicit drug peddlers, the benefits are superseded by the financial and health implication to the society. Drug abuse has also been attributed to lose of productivity among the addicts and dropout from schools and other educational institutions. Crime and drug addiction is also correlated since most of the college students can not be able to raise the amount of money required to purchase most of these drugs which are expensive and they are addicted to.Drinking and Drug Use in Students Essay