Dietary History of Simulated Patient

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Dietary History of Simulated Patient

The semi quantitative dietary history interview was developed for the 24 hours diet of most Americans. This interview is a 30 minute that was carried out face to face administered instrument that is designed to assess mixed dishes. It was carried out to determine the dilatory guideline of Timothy who lives in California in the United States. The interview was intended to determine the food eaten, quantity eaten, the way it was prepared and how it was served.Dietary History of Simulated Patient

The interview aimed at accurately and completely listing all food and drinks that are consumed by Timothy in 24 hours who is an athlete. The collected data could be used in instructing on how to reduce coronary heart diseases, cancer deaths, incidences of diabetes, reduce the prevalence of osteoporosis and lastly reduce dental infections through correct food intake.


The food that timothy prefers Taking as break fast include ounces orange juice, oatmeal, banana, ounces low-fat milk, wheat toast and jelly. The quantities that of these foods taken are; 10 ounces orange juice, 2 cups of oatmeal, 2 medium bananas, 7 glasses of ounces milk that contain low fats, 2 slices of whole wheat toast and 2 table spoon jelly, (Anderson & Young, 2010).Dietary History of Simulated Patient

The meals that are preferred by Timothy for lunch include ounce slice ham, ounces Swiss cheese, whole wheat bread, the leaf lettuce, tomatoes, ounces apple juice, the skimmed milk, and the cookies. The quantities consumes by Timothy are; 1 ounce slice ham, 2 ounces Swiss cheese, 2 tomato slices, 9 ounces apple juice, 10 ounces skimmed milk and last but not list3 cookies, (Anderson & Young, 2010).

The preferred dinner meals are; spaghetti, tomato sauce and mushroom soup, the parmesan cheese, French bread, angel food cake, the strawberry, ice cream. The quantities that are consumed by Timothy are; 3 cups of spaghetti, one and half cups of tomato source, two table spoons of parmesan cheese, 5 slices of French bread, 1 slice of angel food cake, one quarter of sliced strawberries and one half of ice cream.

When asked about any other meal that he consumes in a day, timothy preferred snacks. The snacks he preferred are; grape juice and cookies which he takes after supper. At other times he uses lean meat or the equivalent, fruits, vegetables, fat spread. The quantities that Timothy consumes are as follows; sixteen ounces of grape juice, six figs of cookies. Others include; 2 ounces of the cooked lean meat, one serving of fruit, one tea spoonful of fat spread and one serving of vegetables, (Anderson & Young, 2010).

The angel cake looks unfamiliar to me; can you please explain how it looks like? And briefly explain the recipe? Timothy explained that, this is a form of foam cake known for its delicate, has texture that is airy because of its main ingredients which are white eggs. A part from being tender to the bite, the cake has sweet flavor and no fat to make it guiltless desert. With enough versatility, this American classic can be served repeatedly without getting dull.

The cake’s recipe is as follows: the ingredients are; 1 cup of sifted cake flour, one and one quarter cups of sifted powered sugar, twelve white eggs, one and a half teaspoons of cream of tartar, a quarter tea spoonful of salt one and a half tea spoonfuls of vanilla, a quarter tea spoonful of almond extract and lastly, one cup of granulated sugar, divided, (Stephanie, 2004).Dietary History of Simulated Patient

In cooking, fast preheat the oven to 375 degrees Celsius, the flour is sifted together with powdered sugar for three times. In a large mixing bowl, beat egg whites, cream of tartar, vanilla salt, and the almond extracts until soft the soft peaks are formed. Beat in two table spoonfuls of the sugar that is granulated at a time till all of it is included, and then is beaten till it becomes stiff and glossy.

Fold in the flour mixture slowly. Spoon batter into an ungreased nine-inch angel food cake pan or the tube pan, then is bakes for 25-35 minutes and then left to cool when the pan has been inverted to a thin necked bottle for a period of one hour. Top the cake with the fresh berries and the cream that is whipped. After cooling a slide a knife between the angel cake and the pan to get out, a serrated knife is the one used to slice the cake. Wipe the knife to be clean after every third slice to ensure is kept out of tugging and pulling the cake. Sprinkle chocolate or the caramel sausage or a times a light glaze. In serving, the cake is broken into pieces and served with chocolate fondue, (Stephanie, 2004).


Is the cake eaten plain? In answering this question, Timothy explained that, it can, but it has not to be. It should be eaten with orange sauce. Any other liquid food that is preferred by Timothy is water. He takes 7-10 classes of water per day.

The reason as to why his calories come from carbohydrates is that when 70 % of the calories come from carbohydrates for the reason of athlete endurance. The retention of water is usually associated with loading of carbohydrates. This has an effect of muscle stiffness and sluggishness early in the event, but a three day regimen minimizes the effects. Also the there are benefits that athletes get from the amount of carbohydrates stored in the body. In initial stages of moderate exercise around 45% of energy needed comes from carbohydrates. They also yield higher amount of energy per unit oxygen consumed as compared to fats, (Anderson & Young, 2010).Dietary History of Simulated Patient

The reason that makes oxygen factor so important is that, oxygen in most cases is a limited factor in events that are long, hence is beneficial for athlete to use source of energy that need the least amount of oxygen per calorie released. As the training intensify, the utilization of carbohydrates increases, (Anderson & Young, 2010).

In conclusion, In conclusion, after having various components of simulated patient communication like empathy, patients centered reassurance, information sharing and friendshipness, I do believe I have collected the most accurate data diets list of Timothy. This is based on the fact that the theoretical lists of dishes that are consumed by athletes do confer with what I have collected though the quantities consumed do differ with the standard quantities that are provided in literature but the variation is not too much. The strengths are that it is based on the actual intake to estimate the absolute amount other than the relative amount of the nutrients. The use of open ended questions result to highest level of specificity, further more, the interviews are sensitive to different cultures.

The limitation to accurate data collection can result due to an effect of variations that exist in day to day food consumption. Next time I conduct a dietary history interview, I would like to undertake an interview on the diet list of athletes at different stages of the events. I would like to carry out pre-game list of meals, immediately before the game and after the game. I would also like to look at sources of other nutrients apart from carbohydrates.Dietary History of Simulated Patient