Development of Problem-Solving Skills

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Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

Our ability to solve problems changes as we age. From your textbook, please cite at least one way in which you learned that a person may be able to enhance their problem solving skills during a particular stage of development (i.e. Child, adolescent, adult, older adult) and give a specific example.Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.


Week 6 Discussion: Development of Intelligence

Development of Intelligence

“Brittney is 12 months old. Britney’s mother bought a program to teach her baby to read. In this program, parents are instructed to present flash cards three times a day to their baby.

Discuss the potential pros and cons of the effects of this intervention on Brittney’s intellectual functioning as well as her social functioning. Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

Week 7 Discussion: Nature/Nurture and Development
Nature/Nurture and Development

How does the effects of (or lack of) a quality education affect an individual’s development? Share your thoughts regarding the potential short-term effects and long-term effects of one of the following:Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

· Lack of a quality education

· Having a quality education

Focus your response in relation to the nature/nurture controversy. Please cite information from the textbook to support your stance.

Week 8 Discussion: Personality Traits
Personality Traits

You are about to go on a job interview. Your employer requires you to take a personality trait type test during the first phase of the hiring process. Discuss the pros and cons of why an employer may want to use this type of assessment tool and how you would feel as a potential applicant at this company. Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

Week 9 Discussion: Moral Development
Moral Development

Bullying has become a major issue that has become headline news. With the escalating incidences of bullying, please share an internet resource that may be utilized by parents or educators to decrease bullying behaviors. Please cite your resource(s) and share your reflection about the potential effectiveness of the website’s suggested interventions.Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

Week 10 Discussion: Trait Characteristics Across the Life-Span
Trait Characteristics Across Life-Span

Best friends are a staple in many lives. You probably have had different ones as you progressed through your life. “If you could ‘build a best friend’, what three trait characteristics would you want them to possess and how would that change across the life span at: age 5, age 15, age 25, age 40, and age 70?”Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

Week 11 Discussion: Psychological Disorders
Psychological Disorders

The diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders across the lifespan has changed with time. Discuss at least one point grounded in the nature/nurture debate that relates to how ADHD is currently diagnosed as well as how the treatment has changed as compared to earlier versions of the DSM. You may use Internet resources as well as your textbook. Please cite your resource(s). Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.

Week 12 Discussion: Death and Dying
Death and Dying

No matter where we are in the lifespan, loss, death and dying are difficult experiences. Cultures vary as to how they process and experience these events. Share an Internet resource that describes another culture’s approach to death, dying, mourning, grief or bereavement. Please share how they may experience this with respect to one of the following: death of a child (natural causes or accident), death of a spouse, terminal illness in a child or adult, or the elderly. Please cite your resource(s).Week 5 Discussion: Development of Problem-Solving Skills.