Cultural Competence and diversity

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Cultural Competence and diversity discussion essay

Discuss/summarize Campinha Bacote Model of cultural competence and the application of the model’s concepts/components in an evidenced-based publication of your choosing selected from the literature which may be used in your culture paper. 1.5 pages APA

Consider the following components for the post;

· Identify and describe the cultural issue or population of the study.


· Outline the reason or need for the study.

· How was the model applied in the study?

· Were the concept/components of the model adequately addressed in the study?

· What knowledge was gained or what were the results of the study?

· Briefly describe and apply the model to a clinical, educational, or community issue or topic of interest.

· Reference your article and the model selected

Develop definition of diversity. 1 page APA

· Describe what it means to you in general and also in your role as a nurse practitioner.

· Discuss the barriers and facilitators to humanistic healthcare practice (culturally competent nursing care), one that welcomes diversity.

· How does culturally competent nursing care impact healthcare barriers in diverse populations, such as those described in your readings and videos?

Cultural Competence and diversity discussion essay