Concepts in Community and Public Health

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Population health is defined as the health outcomes of a group of individuals, which also includes outcomes within the group (Green, 2018). “Population health has a goal of measuring, intervening, and improving health disparities among groups, as well as the distribution of health, all of which is driven by assessment and statistical data” (Green, 2018). Public health is a subcomponent to population health. Public health nursing incorporates the community and environmental concerns with the focus on the health of groups or populations, additionally, population-focused practice that centers their attention on the population’s need for illness prevention and health improvement (Green, 2018). As a public health nurse, focus of care is related to the populations and groups of individuals that live within the same community and/or have the same public health issue.

The PHN works together with community stakeholders such as community groups and local businesses and organizations when establishing plans and outcomes (Green, 2018). Appraising community resources as part of a community assessment is important in order to identify, prioritize, plan, intervene, and evaluate a specific problem or promote a specific public health issue (Green, 2018). These resources are important in population health promotion because they represent the community, provide imperative information regarding the community and their health issues and need for health promotion, and bring different strength and/or resources to the topic. (ACHI, 2020).

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