Complications of Breast Augmentation

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Complications of Breast Augmentation

The modern science brought the wonders of plastic surgery into the lives of those who feared lack of beauty. Though it was a miracle for those who were actually physically deformed, the superficial lot took as a means of boosting up their self esteem. When we talk of those said superficial women, their answer to solving low self-esteem problems is ‘breast augmentation’ or in scientific terms, ‘mamaplasty’. There is a lot socially wrong with this, and many arguments can be presented against it in that regard. But the social and moral values come later to health. Breast Augmentation brings potential health hazards along with the surgery, and though it might boost that self esteem, the operated has to be ready to face serious health complications.Complications of Breast Augmentation

It is more often very easy to immediately notice the artificiality of a lady’s breasts. According to the well established procedure, they are not supposed to look that obvious. This is one of the major complications of the surgery, known as ‘Capsular Contracture’. It is actually a scar that forms some time later to the surgery making the breasts look a little too firm and unnatural. The woman may ignore it or get it operated once more to correct the problem. But it should not be taken seriously as the silicon that is present in the implant, which is the major cause of this, can also become the reason for other troubles as well (Loftufs).Complications of Breast Augmentation


Imagine something unnatural present inside your body which does not function in coordination with the internal activities of the organs in your body. The implants are unnatural and they can lose the balance they may have intended to stay in for long. In some cases, the silicon implants have been seen to move from their place. Wouldn’t that look weird? Yet again, this displacement calls for another surgery and the risk of having disrupted other bodily functions (Loftus).

Another possible and practical complication is the leakage of the implants, and the spilling of the silicon in to the body. Silicon is a like a time bomb of potential health hazards and once spilled can cause slow poisoning of other organs. So, the patients have to make sure the surgeon took up a proper operation otherwise they end up facing traumatic external and internal consequences.

The implants also cause wrinkling of the skin, which can not be accused of the aging signs. It is, however, due to the material moving and shifting in the implant. Saline is more dangerous in this case (Freund 132).

Let us now talk about the more concerning complications: numb nipples. Breast augmentation causes the nipples to numb, as seen in many of the cases. Although, surgeons claim that the surgery does not cause that, it still happens and the patient has to continually get operated or checked by doctors to have the problem fixed (Shiffman 67).Complications of Breast Augmentation

Enough said about the health hazards, there are social and psychological issues involved too. There is a psychological disorder known as ‘body dimorphic disorder’. According to this disorder, whoever once goes through a plastic surgery ends up having to never feel fully satisfied and fear that there is still some repairing to do to enhance the beauty completely. What it means? The person continually has one operation after another to fulfill the thirst for satisfaction, which the person never ends up having. However, what she really ends us having is a complete malfunction of the body. An example of Tara Reid, a famous young actress can be given here who had a mamaplasty which rather than giving beauty to her chest, took it away. Tara then engaged more in the process and took up more procedures and her body now is seen to be wrinkled like a seventy year old (Dale 120).

Women who get surgery on their breasts as a way to escape from achieving high self esteem based on their personality, can never be satisfied. They live a lie in a way. Surely, a person who is deformed due to an accident and yearns to feel normal, plastic surgery is a wondrous produce of modern science. But for those who are perfectly normal just seem shallow with article body parts hanging on them. The irony is that almost every one knows playing with nature is a recipe for disaster (Dale 123). Nature fights back with aging and health disorders, and the said marvelous effects of the mamaplasty soon disappear leaving the patient with a rather disgusting form. And for them the only way out is to get another surgery. The process can never stop unless they realize that escaping is not the solution. And an escape too dangerous at that. What is the need to go through all that trouble?Complications of Breast Augmentation

For the above said complications, the surgeons suggest the patients to thoroughly go through the complications and risks associated with the operation. Those who see beauty as being a more important factor than health; important enough to overlook the complications, go right ahead for it. Anyone who fears having more operations following up the implants should not go for the surgery in the first place (Kotler 223). The scars, the leakage, the displacement and the numbness, are just a few complications as there are many potentials risks to follow if care is not taken by the patients as directed by their surgeons. But seriously how much care can a person take? For a person who has had breast cancer or any other reason for having to suffer deformity should go for it for the sake of recovering from the loss. But to be more practical, are not these risks and complications too big of a price to pay just for the sake of beauty and high self esteem? I think not.Complications of Breast Augmentation