Combating Proliferation Of Drugs

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Combating Proliferation Of Drugs Essay

The first step for the analyst would be to assemble the necessary data to securitize the cause and issues related to drug abuse and formulate a solution accordingly. Since drug abuse occurs mainly amongst the youths, data should be collected for all the people living in the area between the ages of 12 and 25 approximately. Furthermore, data should be recorded from drug rehabilitation centers about youths between the same age getting admitted at these facilities with drug abuse cases and from local police stations about drug related cases involving people in the same age group. Once this data is acquired, a clear picture would emerge through the data showing the reality and the challenges that the community faces in front of them.Combating Proliferation Of Drugs Essay

Some of the major problems that initiate and involuntarily force people into the jaws of drug abuse include

Lack of proper awareness
Drugs are a topic that is kept in a hush-hush and seldom talked about. People avoid addicts, exclude them from their lives and turn them into social outlaws. Well, the first step to decrease drug abuse in the society is to educate the common people. Firstly, every person should be educated on the harmful effects of doing drugs, how it affects the body, how it affects the person mentally and how it destroys the future and happiness of his family. Keeping the data age limit in mind, all schools should organize seminars and meetings to make the children aware about the negative influence drug abuse plays in any addict’s life. Secondly, the people of the society, the teachers, the policemen, the commoners should be made ware so that they do not treat any drug addict as a criminal. The fact that mistakes are made by all should be explained to them to stop them from shunning drug addicts from the society, forcing them to delve deeper into drug abuse.


Proper monitoring
Parents and teachers should monitor what the their children and students are up to at all times – the company they keep, the amount of pocket money they get and spend and changes in their behavior. Instead of avoiding any doubtful behavior, the parent or teacher instead of confronting the child, should first search for the reasons behind the changing behavior and then approach the matter sensitively.Combating Proliferation Of Drugs Essay

Proper counseling
In every school a psychologist should be appointed to aid proper counseling for the students. In this competitive world, students face a lot of pressure in academics. Apart from study pressure, a youth may face issues and problems at home, issues in his personal life and filure to address these issues leads to depression and thereby drug abuse.

Police monitoring
Every time any police authority arrests a drug dealer, instead of trying to find out who the supplier of that dealer is to make their records look better, the personnel should instead find out who the buyers are of that particular dealer. For addicts, if one dealer closes his shop, they will search and find a replacement easily. So, it is important to find out the buyers and instead of tormenting them, they should be given proper guidance and counseling to secure their futures. Combating Proliferation Of Drugs Essay