Clinical Governance

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Clinical Governance Assignment Essay

The development and analysis of a given nursing concept is critical in conducting a research in the nursing field. At the moment, many institutions are faced with multiple challenges in clinical governance. Clinical governance basically refers to a system where a health institution continuously and constantly improves its service delivery quality and at the same time maintaining high standards health care (Scally and Donaldsin, 2008). All NHS organizations should be accountable and continue improving the quality of service delivery. These standards can only be ensured and safeguarded through clinical governance. There are many different sections of clinical governance, which include; clinical audit, professional development and educational training, risk management, care giving that is evidenced-based, and staffing and staff management. All these concepts are geared towards creating a culture of trust, openness, and respect , which should be evident among the staff, managers, caregivers, and patients.Clinical Governance Assignment Essay


Ensuring good clinical governance demands the institution to ask itself why and how this can best be achieved. Additionally, it is important to determine the areas in which these efforts are going to be channeled. Some of these areas include, focus on the patient, effective distribution of information, quality assurance, and focus on staff improvement as well as provision of quality leadership (Royal College of Nursing, 2013). It is important for every healthcare institution to have clinical audits to measure and evaluate the quality of services the staff offer to the patients and clients. This helps in identifying areas of weaknesses and encouraging the staff that are operating within the required standards. Moreover, the relationship between caregivers and patients should improve for effective communication and service delivery. Therefore, having a better understanding on the concerns and priorities with regards to planning and service delivery is important for quality improvement. The medical staff and clinicians should also be given proper training and educational update on various advancements in the industry to ensure that they are up to date.

In light of this, the importance of good clinical governance should be overemphasized. All the above areas are closely knit together and cannot be tackled separately or individually. Patient-centered care should be at the heart of every health institution for since this is the chief goal of its existence. Additionally, effective leader is crucial to ensure smooth running of the institution in general. Moreover, it is important to ensure a motivated staff who include nurse, doctors, interns among others. The medical staff and clinicians should also be given proper training and educational update on various advancements in the industry to ensure that they are up to date and to learn new skills. This guarantees optimum health care provision and better patient treatment.Clinical Governance Assignment Essay

To get a deep insight into this concept, various health institutions would have to be visited, observed and analyzed as part of the research. Their current workflows would then be noted and areas of improvement also suggested. After all, in order to perform at their optimum, nurses also have to work in conducive environments. Clinical governance is also important to the patients as it ensures that patients are given quality and immediate care and medication. Although nurses may be familiar with some concepts of clinical governance, it is important for them to bind and synchronize all the concepts to make their work more effective. Therefore, it is important for caregivers in healthcare institutions to strive in maintaining the safety and quality of care and good structures and systems should be put in place for accountability and monitoring.

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