Child Life Internship

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Child Life Internship Essay Assignment


Since my childhood, I have always desired to be with children and particularly to play with them in their games. Even after completing my elementary education, I could find myself going back and playing around with other smaller kinds. My desire with children also influenced the course I took in collage since I was feeling like I would be the happiest person in the world if I work where there are children especially those who go to school. This made me to choose a nursing course in collage since I knew I would get an opportunity to go and work with children as I provide healthcare services to them.Child Life Internship Essay Assignment

Interest with children

Enrolling in the child life internship program will help in many ways as I get an opportunity to learn more about the lives of children and more so health problems they face in the process of growth and development. Working with children will help me to understand them better as I spend a lot of time with them in the children’s unit. As a trained nurse, I will be able to relate what I have been learning in the class with the real issues in the ground. For example, in class I have been taught many health issues and complications such as chronic disease that affect children as they grow. I have also been taught various treatment methods that can be applied to deal with these problems. However, enrolling in the child life internship program will provide me with an opportunity to put into practice many theories of childhood growth that I have been taught in the class. Practical work in the children hospital will equip with the necessary skills that I need to deal with problems that affect children. For instance, I will learn how to treat various diseases and other healthcare needs that are associated with children’s growth. This will deepen my knowledge about the lives of children.

I also like to learn more about the emotions of children and working as an intern in the children’s hospital will provide me with that opportunity. Emotions such as panic, anxiety, and pain are common among children and studying more about them will enhance my skills of dealing with children.Child Life Internship Essay Assignment


Some of the core activities in my internship such immunization programs, developmental screening, treatment and diagnosis of various diseases that affect children will enable me to learn more about how children react in various situations. Again, I expect to meet children with acute illness whom I will be required to give special care as I assess their situations by carrying out various diagnostic tests that will give me a deeper insight about the emotional needs of small children.


In my life, I have always desired to see children who are happy and playing with other children around them. I feel touched when I see children who are not happy as a result of many problems such as illness, hunger, or lack of anything they would like to have. This drives me to do all what I can, to ensure that a child who is sad and suffering is made jovial. Thus working as an intern in this hospital will give an opportunity to help many suffering children and make them enjoy life. The internship program will also enhance my skills to work and relate with children.Child Life Internship Essay Assignment