Business Process Modeling

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Business Process Modeling: Prototyping an Event-Driven IT Application Essay

ACCT-361: Assignment #1 – 30 points
Business Process Modeling: Prototyping an Event-Driven IT Application

Give yourself enough time to complete this assignment. It is estimated to be about four hours to complete this assignment. In order to do well on the midterm, you must think this through on your own.

Formula One

Formula one sells auto parts at fourteen stores in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. The following describes the business processes Formula One uses for the acquisition of inventory items.

Formula One has a purchasing department centrally located at company headquarters in Burke, VA. The acquisition/payment process begins when a store manager determines a need for inventory at his/her location. The manager enters the requested items directly into the ERP system to generate a purchase requisition form.


A purchasing clerk at corporate headquarters checks the system for open requests. Based on the system’s purchase requisitions, the purchasing clerk prepares each purchase order using the ERP system. A request may need to be split into more than one order as not all vendors supply every item. To obtain volume discounts, the clerk combines all requests for similar items into one purchase order. Each purchase order instructs the vendor to ship the inventory items directly to the appropriate stores. The computer process accesses the vendor and inventory master files and updates the purchase order transaction file. One copy of the purchase order is subsequently printed and forwarded to receiving. Business Process Modeling: Prototyping an Event-Driven IT Application Essay

Each store location has a receiving dock manned by warehouse workers. When a delivery comes in from a vendor, a warehouse worker inspects the items and manually creates a receiving report. The employee compares each receiving report to the corresponding purchase order for quantity or item differences. If there is a difference, the employee works with a store manager to resolve the discrepancy. The employee subsequently signs the receiving report and purchase order and keys the data into the system to update the receive goods transaction file. The signed receiving report and purchase order are then filed in the department numerically.

Formula One has good relationships with their vendors who allow installment payments for all deliveries within the last 60 days. All payments are handled by the cashier in the payments department.

The following business rules apply:
• Inventory items can be backordered
• Vendors accept returns from the warehouse worker • Inventory items are not unique


  1. Cover page with full name, section, and Assignment title, 2. A page with the REA model –hand drawn,

Conceptual Model: Draw an REA model with cardinalities for the operating events, resources and agents in the Formula One inventory acquisition/payment process. The REA model must be hand drawn, scanned/photographed, and submitted to the Assignment 1 link in Blackboard under the Assignment tab.

Business Process Modeling: Prototyping an Event-Driven IT Application Essay