Autoimmunity and Diseases

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Autoimmunity and Diseases Study Paper

Immune system of the physique must separate itself by harmful to repel invaders also to protect the integrity in the host without inducing autoimmunity. Any debt in this function can cause the body to be prone to infections, malignancies or over-reactivity to innocent antigens, resulting immunopathology and autoimmunity.Autoimmunity and Diseases Study Paper

Autoimmunity is defined by pathological immune-based reactions which are usually persistent and still have long length, which require self-antigens (autoantigens). Its medical expression is the result of organic or useful alteration of cells or the antigen active in the reaction (organ-specific autoimmune diseases). When complicated autoantigen-autoantibody pass in the bloodstream and put in in various body parts, form the basis of so- called systemic autoimmune disease or organ specific disease. The idea signifies pathological autoimmunity, which can be physiological or normal (Rioux, Abbas, 2005). Many mechanisms allow those potentially dangerous auto-reactive lymphocytes to be eliminated actually or functionally.


Autoimmune Diseases

One of the major function of a human beings being’s immunity process is to defend the body from microorganisms for example viruses, bacterias etc . By simply generating antibodies. Sometimes malfunctioning takes place within the body due to different reasons which cause the immune system skin cells to assault the very skin cells that should guard, that is, the bodies own cells. This may lead to a various diseases known as autoimmune conditions, depending on appendage or system attacked (Munz, Lunemann, Getts, Miller, 2009). Examples of autoimmune diseases are: Crohn’s disease, Pernicious low blood count, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes type I, Addison’s disease, Celiac disease, Multiple sclerosis, Systemic laupus Graves’ disease etc .Autoimmunity and Diseases Study Paper


There are above 80 different types of autoimmune diseases and each has different symptoms. However , there are several very non-specific symptoms that can appear in every one of them. These include: fatigue, dizziness, malaise and low fever. During the treatment, it truly is of utmost importance in different autoimmune disease to rectify virtually any main insufficiencies caused by this. Secondly, it is observed that patients having any kind of autoimmune disease have a low activity of disease fighting capability (Rioux, Abbas, 2005). For this, it is essential to maintain a balance between controlling the disease and improve the ability of body deal with the disease.


Drugs used in the treatment of autoimmune diseases are corticosteroids. Severe autoimmune disease can usually be treated with other immunosuppressive drugs which may have a higher potency, like cyclophosphamide and azathioprine. However , all these medicines quickly deteriorate tissue whose cells are in the process of split, such as bone tissue; therefore they need to be used very carefully. Intravenous immunoglobulin therapy is found in the treatment of numerous autoimmune conditions to reduce going around immune processes.Autoimmunity and Diseases Study Paper

Causes of Autoimmune Diseases

There are no unanimously agreed upon theories which can echo up the exact causes of autoimmune diseases but most common factors found in people of different sorts of autoimmune disease are: genetic inheritance, effect of several types of microorganisms, particular medicines. Several scientists claim that certain vaccines and drugs bring about autoimmune illnesses. Others suggest that malnutrition and additives in diet cause these diseases. Further research is still essential in this regard (Munz, Lunemann, Getts, Miller, 2009)Autoimmunity and Diseases Study Paper