Arrhythmia Course Work

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Arrhythmia Course Work Essay.

Many at times are many diseases that are affecting people in various stages of their lifestyle./ Some have been studied research done, and their cures have been successful. Arrhythmia is a disease that affects the heart. It is known as a disease that normally affects the rate of the heartbeat by either slowing the pace of the heart beat or increasing the pace of the heart beat. It is a disease that is associated with the elderly people who are seen as most people who have such heart defects. With the associated symptoms of arrhythmia, is it true that it affects only the elderly or it is a heart defect that can affect any person at any age? This is because most of the studies show that it is a defect that affects majorly the elderly people.Arrhythmia Course Work Essay.


With a visit made to various hospitals, much of the data indicated that arrhythmia is a disease that is associated with the elderly in our society. None of the hospitals visited indicated that there has been some one of a younger generation to have been reported as some one experiencing arrhythmia. This shows that it is indeed a disease associated with the elderly.Arrhythmia Course Work Essay.
Research and studies carried out indicate that the symptoms have been derived from the elderly people. The studies indicated that it normally affects the heart by making it experience an irregular heart beat. This defect can either be permanent or non permanent. Its persistent occurrence can be reverted to normalcy with treatment while at time it cannot be reverted as the case of permanent arrhythmia for it is inappropriate to revert it to normalcy through medication. It is normally referred o as Atrial fibrillation and much of its symptoms indeed are not associated with younger people but the elderly. Based on the knowledge acquired in the study, it is evident that Atrial fibrillation has symptoms and relatively no cure. This is because its treatment is dependent on the type of Atrial fibrillation and its related symptoms.Arrhythmia Course Work Essay.

The above symptoms and conditions indeed show that arrhythmia is a disease that is associated with the elderly and none of the symptoms has ever been experienced with somebody younger. Hence, the research carried out and the outcome of the studies correlate with my assertion that this disease is associated with the elderly and its symptoms has never been experienced with anybody younger. Thus the statement given by one of the researcher’s that Atrial fibrillation is not always related to a heart disease especially in young people, supports my hypothesis. This is because their end result goes with the hypothetical statement indicated before.Arrhythmia Course Work Essay.