Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay

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Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.

Mrs. J presentation reveals suffering from heart failure, hypertension, and chronic obstruction disorder. More so, the study shows she has been experiencing fever as well as going through nausea and productive coughing. Presently, the condition is getting critical making it difficult to operate her daily activities. This situation has made her develop a negative feeling doubting whether she could make it. Still, the patient denies experiencing impaired breathing and get easily bored to thing that previous enjoyed such as food and drinks.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.


Appropriateness of nursing interventions and medications

Employment of IV furosemide (Lasix) is appropriate since it is used to patients with ADHF as well as patients with fluid overload. Still, use of Metoprolol (Lopressor) is an applicable remedial since it acts as a blocker treatment thus aiding effective management of blood pressure and chest pain(Smith, Lennon, & Carlsgaard, 2020). Next, IV morphine sulphate (Morphine) is used as a remedial since it is anopioid which treat pain and lowers chances of heart failure. Acting bronchodilator (ProAir HFA) helps patient with impaired breathing by opening respiratory airways. Lastly, Oxygen delivered at 2L/NC is a therapy that assist to have increased oxygen percentage.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.

Cardiovascular conditions and medical interventions to prevent heart failure

Coronary artery results to heart attack due to presence of plague deposit in the arteries. this is prevented by eating healthy, relaxing, and exercises. High blood pressure causes heart attack due to increased blood pressure levels but it is controlled through close monitoring patient’s blood pressure. Myocardial infarction (MI) risk factor affects patients with extensive ischemia leading to destructing heart muscles(Park et al., 2017). Preventive measures for MI is by reducing heart work load by increasing more oxygen supply. Lastly, presence of abnormal heart valve causes heart attack at birth thus putting the patient at risk. This condition reduces heart beat frequencies since the heart lacks capabilities such disability can be controlled through medical replacement and repair.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.

Nursing interventions that prevent multiple drug interactionsproblemsamong theelderly

Nurses should embrace the importance of enlightening patient with the proper treatment by directing them to have a particular Medicare professional thus reducing polypharmacy incidences(Seidu et al., 2020). More so, nursing intervention should support patient by encouraging clients to maintain and take dosage prescription as described by medical organizers. Still, nurses should direct patient on methods of keeping them updated with the emerging new drugs as well as side effects.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.

Healthpromotion and restoration teaching plan

According to the presented case study Mrs. J will require a health promotion plan that is essential in managing her condition. Such a strategy will include patient adjusting behavior that may cause illnesses. More so, by so doing this gives allowance to maximize rehabilitation resources thus improving quality of life. This decreases adverse health effects such as cardiovascular disease. However, such action assist patient to be more independent during treatment and management.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.

Education on medication

Patient assessment is a vital consideration that allow medics to understand client’s knowledge on prescription. For example, to facilitate patient education they can be provided with reading materials primarily aiming at increasing drug knowledge. Still, the patient will use health technology providers to access materials from the internet. By implementing this resource patient will be interact easily on various online platform as well as following their medical coverage in via hospital portal that gives access to medical results and ab test.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.

COPD triggers

Currently, it is revealed there are different risk factors that causes COPD thus increasing patient exacerbation frequency. For instance, COPD is caused by air pollution, cigarette smoking, cold weather, and respiratory infection. Cigarette cessation is made successful through proper usage of FDA therapies and medical plans. For instance, FDA pharmacotherapies include nicotine replacement and varenicline therapies. More so, nicotine therapies include spray, lozenge, inhalers, and gum.Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.


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Appropriateness of Nursing Interventions and Medications Essay.