Application To Position In Healthcare Setting

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Application To Position In Healthcare Setting

A dedicated and compassionate individual with a first-class honours’ degree, a master’s in health and clinical psychology and over 4 years clinical experience. Studying counseling and psychotherapy at undergraduate level enabled me to get an appreciation for the therapeutic aspects of psychology and the contexts in which they are embedded. As part of my final year dissertation project I explored attitudes towards the use of online mental health interventions in education. Throughout the project I researched various intervention models and explored attitudes towards computerised CBT. Conducting such research encouraged me to keep an open mind and critically appraise the effectiveness of various treatments with a range of individuals. It also gave me the valuable experience of undertaking data collection, analysis and the production of reports in relation to the delivery of psychological interventions within a primary health care setting. In addition, it taught me how to work efficiently under the supervision of a professional psychologist and effectively use feedback to enhance my work. My further postgraduate academic training at Manchester University allowed me to get a thorough understanding around key interventions that are designed to improve wellbeing and promote recovery. The facilitating change unit provoked my interest in the application of interventions with a range of clinical groups, such as children, individuals experiencing psychoses, substance use problems and self-harm. This unit further helped enhance my knowledge around the practice of CBT and developed my appreciation for how psychotherapy models and interventions are practiced with complex clinical groups.Application To Position In Healthcare Setting


Throughout my academic career I took on numerous relevant positions, gaining experience in a variety of different health care settings. Volunteering at NYAS (National advocacy Youth Services) provided me with the experience of supporting vulnerable young individuals on a one to one basis throughout the community. The training I received at NYAS not only gave me the ability to provide person-centred care, but also taught me a significant amount about boundaries and ethical considerations when working with vulnerable individuals. When supporting young people, my role often proved challenging and demanding. However, this led me constantly reflect on my work as a training practitioner, which later helped me to develop new strategies and techniques when offering support. Much like designing a therapeutic intervention, NYAS required me to engage and interact with clients in a way that best supported their individual needs and personalities. Effective communication proved vital when working with vulnerable individuals, as it created a friendly and calm atmosphere allowing a trusting relationship to develop. Overall, I believe my two years at NYAS demonstrates my ability to work ethically with a diverse range of individuals and my ability to develop a strong therapeutic relationship. Shortly after I concluded my time at NYAS, I decided I wanted to gain more experience in a clinical environment and began my volunteer position at a local hospital. Volunteering at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS foundation Trust provided me with first-hand experience of working alongside multidisciplinary teams in the delivery of patient care. Assisting health care professionals in the delivery of care enhanced my ability to work effectively in pressured environments in accordance with NICE guidance. This role helped me to recognise the importance of communication within multidisciplinary working when providing holistic care to patients. As a result, I can efficiently communicate sensitive information both within a team and to individuals under my care. Furthermore, Warrington Hospital provided me with core training around quality standards and how to ensure equality and diversity within a working environment. Making sure these standards were at the forefront of my practice ensured patients felt more valued and respected. As well, as demonstrating my enthusiasm to gain practical experience in the field, I believe this role has equipped me with the skills that are essential to be a practitioner in a health care setting.Application To Position In Healthcare Setting

My current role at Making Space health and social care services requires me to deliver face to face support to individuals who are currently receiving online CBT. Although this experience has been the most rewarding, it has also been one of my biggest challenges within the health care field. I have provided support to clients who display a range of mental health issues; such as anxiety, depression, trauma and bereavement, requiring me to take a sensitive approach. However, these experiences have significantly improved my interpersonal skills and confidence when guiding individuals through interventions and treatments. This role gives me the responsibility of delivering clinics and carrying out one-to-one psychological assessments, which requires me to ensure the work I undertake adheres to professional practice guidelines. Throughout this role it has been essential that I have a thorough understanding of confidentiality and when it may be appropriate to break the terms of confidentiality. For example, I have often delivered assessments with individuals who have fleeting suicidal thoughts, demonstrating my ability maintain a professional role in sometimes emotive atmospheres. During my time at Making Space I have also received certificates for suicide prevention training and mental health awareness training. Such training has armed me with the skills necessary to deal with complex cases and has ensured I have up-to-date knowledge when formulating the delivery of care plans. With first-hand experience of mental health problems when I was teenager, I understand the importance of delivery effective psychological support.

I believe this type of role is more than just a job but a vocation, it requires someone who has a genuine passion for helping others and empathetic understanding of what an individual may be experiencing. While some may see their past experiences in a negative light, I think of mine as my own private learning tool that I can utilise to help and support others both now and in the future. My personal experience taught me the importance of having strong support networks and educated me about my own psychological wellbeing, more than any text book was able to do. As an aspiring practitioner, I have demonstrated my ability to utilise my academic expertise and apply it within a range of high-volume services. My knowledge as enabled me to apply central elements of the person-centred therapeutic process, such as empathy and unconditional positive regard in a practical context. Such elements have allowed me to build rapport with clients, which has later developed into strong professional relationships. Both my personal experience and academic training has taught me a significant amount about being a training practitioner in the field of mental health and has helped me to become more convinced that this is the type of career I want to pursue.Application To Position In Healthcare Setting


Overall, I believe I would make an ideal application for this post because I am a highly committed and enthusiastic individual with a desire to explore a career within clinical care. In accordance with the NHS trust core values, I recognise the importance of inclusivity and therefore strive to make sure this is at the heart of all my practice. Being under the supervision of a qualified professional psychologist would prove an exciting opportunity which would enable me to continue my professional development in a well-established mental health service. I was particularly intrigued by the opportunity to assist in the coordination and running of therapeutic groups. Although I have been familiar to working on a one to one basis, my postgraduate study has taught me a significant amount around the benefits of working therapeutically within groups and I am therefore eager to develop my skills in this area. I am under no illusion that this role would not prove challenging- however, I am eager to work within a stimulating environment where I can demonstrate my skills whilst maintaining a high degree of professionalism. Not only this but given the opportunity this role would allow me to be part of a passionate multi-disciplinary team who aim to make a real difference nationwide. Application To Position In Healthcare Setting