Analysis Of My Family Health History

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Analysis Of My Family Health History

Being honest, I never look back to my family health history till now but this assignment has made me to do so. This is very interesting task that will provide me many information about my family health history. I think it is very important for everyone to know about the family background in health because this will make us conscious about health issues, mostly to deal with genetic health issues that keep transferring generation to generation. I may not be able to pull out every pieces of information about my family health but I have tried my best to discover it by asking my parents and grandmother, and from my own experience.Analysis Of My Family Health History

Well, talking about my current health status, I will say that I am neither healthy nor unhealthy. While looking up to the different viewpoints of knowing individual actual health status, I will consider myself being healthy in some viewpoints and unhealthy on some. Physically, I am ok most of the time as I am conscious about nutritious food and prefer exercises and sports. But sometimes fever, common cold and other minor health issues make me physically and mentally weak. I have to take medicine to come back in my original form. Nobody can know me better than myself. As much as I know myself, I am able to manage all the emotions, stress, and mental illness and so on. I used to be angry most of the time even in small things, few years ago but now I am quite good in controlling and managing my anger. I do not get angry that much nowadays. I easily can get attached to people with healthy relationship as I am quite diplomatic to create a relation. I better know what to say and how to say something to the people according to his/her type. That’s why I was quite forward in social activities, leadership and interactions while I was in my home town. Here also, I am trying to create a same environment so that I can open myself and involve in social events. Viewing myself from cognitive health information I often find myself healthy. I have different learning styles which are best for me and I am fully satisfied with that. Mine good sense of humor, better educational experience, problem solving skills, information processing ability are the proofs to certify me healthy. But I never have any habit of discrimination. I see all people equally and I respect and treat them equally. But sometimes it is very difficult to get out of the stress from some relations, education and even environment. I am not able to cope with the environmental hazards which may be my negative health issues. It does not mean that I am not prepared but I think the way I use might not be completely worthy.


While talking about my parents health issues, my mom is very weak physically as she has piles and due to accidents, her legs and back pains is continuous for life long. But she has strong determination and will power. My father has chest problem which started after a bike accident. So he is also physically weak but better than my mom. Both of them are so conscious about the health of entire family. They are also good at managing the stress, emotions and stress but sometimes my mom overreact in minor things, might be due to bad mood. They are very diplomatic and have very good relationship with everyone (neighbors, relatives, and profession staffs). I learned to be diplomatic from my parents. My brother health status is mostly like mine. Only he is quite weak in expressing his thoughts and emotions to others.Analysis Of My Family Health History

According to my father, my grandparents were little bit superstitious. They had spiritual health believes. Actually my past generations before my grandparent and along with them were superstitious. Now, my grandfather is not with me. He died when I was 2 years old. He died due to lung cancer. Due to spiritual believes, he never wanted to go to hospital for checkup. In his last month, my parent took him to the hospital forcefully without listening him and they came to know that he was in last stage of cancer. My grandmother is suffering from diabetes and obesity problem. She has a problem of joint pain. She cannot walk here and there without a cane. As my past generation had spiritual believes, they used to worship god and sacrifice animal in the name of god begging the cure of diseases. But coming up to my generation it is totally changed. Most people are conscious about the health and do not have such believes especially in the topic of health.Analysis Of My Family Health History

I am not the only one who is very careful and conscious about my health, my parents also has very important role in my good health status. Now I am far from them but still they are worried about my health. In every phone call, my mom ask at first about my health and talk about other things. When I was back at my home, they used to take care of myself if I became weak. Now I am far from them but still they guide me what kind of step to take, what to do if I become ill. They teach me different methods so that I can recover soon. I am so lucky that I have such a very loving and responsible parents.

In summation, this assignment took me to my past generation and give me the experience of the health situation of them and how they used to deal with their health issues. I keep myself in their place and find that it was normal at that time because everybody were illiterate and ignorant. I found, coming up to my generation, most of things has changed in dealing with health issues but one thing is same that everybody is conscious and careful about their health as well as their children health. This assignment also made me known to my family health background. Analysis Of My Family Health History