AED and Breast Implants

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AED and Breast Implants Essay

The wide use of breast implants raises a number of issues related to the women’s health. The misuse of breast implants or the wrong use of breast implants, for instance, the use of excessively large breast implants, can cause serious health problems in a long-run perspective. However, being properly used breast implants are safe. Nevertheless, still the question concerning the breast implants safety persists. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the fact that there is a belief that breast implants are potentially dangerous, when the AED is applied, although there are no scientific evidence of the risk to the women’s health in case of applying the AED to women with breast implants.AED and Breast Implants Essay

The belief that breast implants may fail to bring negative effects, in case of the application of the AED is grounded on the poor interaction between the AED shock and materials used for breast implants. To put it more precisely, saline containing in breast implants can cause the destruction of breast implants because of the reaction of saline on the impact of electric shock caused by the AED. Moreover, there is a belief that silicone implants may also intervene into the AED decreasing its effectiveness and, thus, preventing the positive, desirable effect of the AED in case of the heart attack. In other words, the core of all rumors about possible negative impact of breast implants on the effectiveness of the AED or possible health issues that may arise in case of applying the AED to patients with breast implants are grounded on the concerns about breast implants’ material endurableness and safety in response to the impact of the electric shock.

However, the use of the AES is safe, even if patients have breast implants, either silicone or saline. In fact, breast implants are certified in terms of their health safety that means that they are not exposed to any external influences that may cause harm to the health of patients. The risk emerges only in case of disruption. However, the electric shock caused by the AED cannot normally cause the disruption of breast implants.AED and Breast Implants Essay
In addition, in case of using the AED, when a patient suffers a heart attack, breast implants are not exposed to the direct impact of pads and, therefore, they do not contact with breast implants directly. To put it more precisely, the left sided paddle will be below the implant, whereas the right sided paddle will be above the implant. Therefore, the breast implants will be absolutely safe. Moreover, silicone, which is used in both silicone and saline breast implants (covering the latter as a shell), is absolutely safe and do not interfere into the electric shock impact on the heart and human body at large. Silicone is electrically insulative or conductive. Therefore, its physical properties cannot intervene into the impact of the electrical shock caused by the AED. As a result, the AED may be applied effectively to patients with breast implants without any risk of harm caused by the malfunctioning of the AED because of breast implants or disruption or other damages of breast implants caused by the AED impact. thus, the belief that the AED application may be dangerous for patients with breast implants is erroneous and inconsistent, while breast implants are safe and the AED may be applied safely too.AED and Breast Implants Essay