Active Euthanasia Laws

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Active Euthanasia Laws Essay

Active Euthanasia refers to ending a person’s life without them feeling pain usually using painless methods in places where it is allowed. Mercy killing is not legal in most parts of the world though it is in some states such as Montana, Luxembourg, Oregon, Switzerland, Netherlands and Washington. This kind of death attracts a lot of controversy due to a crash with cultural and religious beliefs of various people (Snyder, 2006, p. 13). Though legal, mercy killing is not condoned unless in the event where it is meant to assist in a natural death or event that will eventually result in death. Active Euthanasia Laws Essay


People give different reasons for the use of euthanasia: such as the person’s choice, life’s quality, and also the agony a person is going through in the event of a disease even when under medication. Euthanasia is administered through drugs, machines as well as deprivation of oxygen. The Euthanasia laws differ according to the states and so do the conditions for them to be allowed on an individual. Administration of euthanasia is legalized under limited reasons and conditions in Oregon while in other states it may be allowed but may not necessarily be legal (Manning, 1998, p. 101).

In a place like Montana the law must consider that which will depict dignity when it comes to administering euthanasia. This means that whatever the reason for euthanasia it must be aimed at upholding the dignity of the person to whom it is administered. This means it must take into account the feelings of the person and accord them the required respect as something that is protected by the fundamental rights. In Oregon, however, for euthanasia to be allowed, one must have a terminal illness which means at the end of the day death is the final result. Another consideration is that one must have less than six months to live for euthanasia to be administered to them. Active Euthanasia Laws Essay
In Oregon the use of euthanasia will solely depend on the illness of the person and the person must actually request for the euthanasia both orally and in written form. This means the reasons and conditions are limited and without them euthanasia becomes illegal. Also the euthanasia law in Oregon was brought enacted through balloting and the patient must prove to be of sane mind and go through counseling before actually being permitted to use euthanasia. In Montana however, the euthanasia law was legalized in a court ruling in 2009 which means the law came to being through a lower court ruling.

The Oregon law however clearly states that any physician or doctor that will recommend drugs to a patient that they can use to end their life without actually following the set laws and conditions will be held liable and will be charged with homicide. Thus, in order to avoid such legal actions that could lead to revoking one’s practice certificate the people should ensure that all legal paper work is filled out and while making an oral request, witnesses must be present to avoid legal action that is unnecessary. This is to mean that any euthanasia administered in any region where the practice is legal or where it is allowed must at all times be for a legitimate reason in order to avoid legal actions. In conclusion, mercy killings are becoming popular amongst people in states where the practice is legal but even then it must be regulated at all times so as to ensure that it is not used to commit murders, or to help people that might actually need it but do not want to follow the required protocol.

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